Want to Succeed? Reach Your Goals? Try This Counter Intuitive Approach -Allow

HiResGenerally when we hit a snag, or a problem, or just hit one of those points when we want to pick up our laptop and toss it out the window, we go into one of two modes, we decide to push harder, do more, or we resist.  We fly into reactive mode either way.

In one case we do the proverbial chicken with its head cut off dance, flying in a myriad directions in order to make ourselves at least feel like we’re accomplishing something.  Here we generally find ourselves hurriedly multitasking, giving ourselves a sense of accomplishment where in fact, that’s all it is, a sense of accomplishment.

The other mode is resistance.  It’s too much.  We’ll never get it done.  There’s no way we’ll even come close to accomplishing our goals.  The nay sayers are right.  Better yet, we move to the head of the nay sayer class.  In this case we don’t speed from task to task trying to make more calls, send more emails, do more marketing, send out more press releases, or devise more sure-fire ideas, we sit and stew and curse the world.  We’d throw the computer against the wall, but what the hell would be the point?  So we sit fuming, incensed, enraged and infuriated at the fact we were brought into this wretched life, as we contemplate the reasons why whatever we try is sure to fail.

Action is one polar reaction and resistance is the other.  But action for its own sake is generally mindless action and resistance, at least in these situations, is generally a form of denial.

There is another reaction that we could choose.  It’s not as easy nor is it as knee jerk as the first two.  It takes some discipline

The reaction is to allow.

Yep, not to force, or push, or pull, or charge forward or retreat, but simply to allow.

It can be the most difficult approach, because the other two give us the illusion of taking control of the situation.  We are either charging forward or we are heading backward.  In either case, we are doing something.  We are doing, which must mean we are controlling.

Not really.

By allowing, I don’t mean just sitting and waiting for the proverbial knight in the white steed to ride up and solve all your life problems.  Yes, you need to do your work, set up your marketing, launch your PR campaign, and cover the basics.  What I mean by allowing is doing your work and then letting go.

Allowing life to happen.

It can be scary, because you shift from doing to being.

But also by stopping the frenetic action or the all-consuming resistance, you create some space, you make some room.

By taking a step back and simply allowing, you’re now positioned to receive.

Worth a try.

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From OK to OMG: 5 Keys to Accelerate your Business

From Guest Blogger, Ann Convery:

Here is something I’ve seen over and
over again in entrepreneurs.

It’s the secret way so many of us
wait and hide from success.

Everyone hides from success a little differently, and the sad part is, we don’t even know it.

If you want to know why you might be hiding
from your own success, and how you’re doing it,
and how to STOP it. . .

Join me this Thursday at 2:00PST / 5:00 EST
for a powerful webinar:

The Doorway to Desire, Profits and Prospects.

You’ll discover 5 keys to take your business from OK to OMG!

I’m sharing what makes an “overnight”
success story, and how to accelerate
your business  fast, in ways you may not have heard of.

Join us for an astonishing peek at what you can achieve when you take your foot off that brake.

See you Thursday!

Today’s Story:

So.  Are you hiding from your own success?
Seems like a stupid question, doesn’t it.

It’s not.  If you are not enjoying the success you want, right now, you are actually keeping it away.

I’m sorry.  Don’t shoot the messenger.

Here are 5 ways people hide from being successful.

See if any of them ring a bell.

1.  “I really want to be in the spotlight… I think.” If you are ambivalent about being in the spotlight, you’ll never get there.

Many people are shy, or would feel too exposed out there in the limelight.  Or they want extreme success, but “only if it meets their conditions.”

Your success has conditions too.

Do they match up?  Think about it.

2. “I just need one more certification.” Women, especially, fall into this pit. You have everything you need, RIGHT NOW, to make a beyond 6-figure income. Don’t go back to school and put it off.

3.  “I’d love to be super-successful, but I don’t want to be like those other gurus.” Meaning, usually, you don’t want to market like crazy,  put yourself out there, up your game, change your business, and again, market like crazy.

4. “Can’t people just find me? My work stands for itself.”

Not today.  Not ever, in fact.

This means you don’t want to promote yourself, because it feels:

  • Sleazy
  • Cheesy
  • Info-mercially
  • “Just not you”

Borrow a trick from Oprah, Richard Branson, and all the super stars:

Find your professional image, and promote that, not the Inner You.

5.  “I don’t want to seem bossy and overbearing.”

This belief is downright dangerous.

Want to know why more people aren’t following you?

Because you’re not leading them.

You’re not out in front of your market, with a clear powerful message.

So they can’t follow you.

Because you’re not leading.

You’re too busy chasing clients.

And if you chase them, who’s more valuable?

They are.  And they know it.

Become a leader.

Give your peeps a good reason to follow you.

You don’t know this, but they’re waiting for you to pick up that torch.

Join me on Thursday for a powerful look at what you can do to break the “just OK” cycle and accelerate the success you really want.

It’s your turn.

Take it.

Copyright © Ann Convery 2013

From Guest Blogger, Ann Convery: Want the Real Secrets of a Super Star? Ask Will Smith

FILM Smith 1Hi ,

Years ago, Will Smith was doing OK
as a rising TV star and movie actor.

But he was dead clear about his goal:
he wanted to be the biggest movie
star in the world.

So he and his manager studied
the 10 top-grossing movies of all time.

10 out of 10 had special effects.
9 out of 10 had special effects with creatures.
8 out of 10 had special effects with creatures and a love story.

They found the sweet spot in the market.

So they found a special effects script
with creatures and a love story.

Matthew Perry dropped out of
“Independence Day” at the last minute,
and Smith was in.

It was the highest grossing movie of 1996.

“Men in Black” didn’t do too badly either.

By age 44, Will Smith had accrued $4.4 Billion
in box office receipts.

What does this mean for you?

Will Smith’s success is no accident.
He studied the market and
made it happen.

Will Smith, and it might surprise you,
Elton John, Paul McCartney, and Mick Jagger
plotted their rise to the top.

If you want to go from where you are
to the top of your field, take this little test:

Have you actually studied your rise to the top?

Do you have a juicy, mouth-watering vision,
in living color, of what life will be like when you
get there?

Do you know what the sweet spot is
in your market?

Do you know what your market craves
and can’t get enough of?

Do you know what draws people to you and makes them
want you, you, you?

Do you know how to create that?

Think Will Smith. Bruce Willis. Tom Cruise.

Their star power is not an “accident of birth.”

Smith studied every actor, like Don Cheadle,
who came on “Fresh Prince” to learn the
secrets of what made them good.

Do you study the stars in your market
to see what makes them stand out?

Do you know how your market sees you now?

Do you know how to reposition
yourself for amazing success?

Do you have a mentor who can take
you there?

And by the way, you need that
juicy, mouth-watering vision from
the top right now.

Research proves that without a
crystal clear picture of your success,
you’ll never believe you can get there.

So you won’t have the motivation
to get going.

So you stay where you are.

Success is not fairy dust.

It’s more than hard work.

It’s a series of deliberate, planned, calculated,
shrewd moves.

If you answered “yes” to 8 out of
10 questions…

World – Stand back!

You’re on your way.


There’s 1 spot left in the Private Accelerator
Program for entrepreneurs who are hell-bent
on reaching the top.

If this is you, and you’ve got butterflies
just thinking about it –
Good sign.

Send a quick email to annc@annconvery.com with “Ann, I’m interested” in the subject line.I
I’ll send you a one-page application so we can see if you’re a good fit for this high-octane ride.

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McMullen, Marion. “The Secret of Will Smith’s Success.” Photo. Coventry Telegraph12 Jun 2012. 27 Mar 2013. <http://blogs.coventrytelegraph.net/passtheremote/2012/06/the-secret-of-will-smiths-succ.html&gt;

A Message From Guest Blogger, Ann Convery: Discover the Biggest Mistake Made Every Day When Talking/Writing to Prospective Clients – Is it Losing you Money?

Curiosity, anticipation , desire and anxiety.

 These are the feeling states that will bring you more clients – anywhere, any time.

The secret language of desire.

Speak that language, and people will overcome any obstacle to work with you.

(If you’re using it now, you know what I mean.)

You know you’re GREAT at what you do.

But do you still…

Watch people smile and nod politely, but don’t buy.
Or they tell you how much they like your stuff… and then walk away

Ann Convery’s Language of Desire system has brought in millions in revenue for her personal clients in the last 4 years.

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Listen for one hour with Ann and say goodbye to being ignored, shunned and broke.

On the call:

  • Find out exactly what to do and say to connect directly with the “Hidden Buyer” in everyone. In minutes!
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It’s all here. And it won’t cost you a dime!

The language of desire will bring you more business. Every time, with every client.

Listen to an amazing call that can change your business, your income, and your life.

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Ann’s system has brought in over $8 million in revenue for her clients in the last 5

Discover the core skill that will bring you more revenue for the rest of your life.

We had such a phenomenal response 
to “The Secret Language of Desire” call
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And I am taking the risk of trespassing on
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So you and your business can 
become the most powerful discovery 
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The call is this Thursday, 
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It isn’t.

Your prospects buy from Desire.
Nothing else.

When you listen to the call –

You’ll discover a system 
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Can exceed anything that has happened to 
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And when you join us on this call, you will
—> How to grab the attention of prospects 
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—> The 5 channels you need to build on that instant
attention.  So doubters become prospects.
And prospect become clients.
—> How to create an irresistible path to desire.  
(So they pursue you, not the other way around.)
Because no matter what business you’re 
in… the foundation to your success is 
communicating your value.  So your
 prospects get it.  In their gut.

With the language of desire… they will.

All the best,
p.s.   Become “priceless” to those who need you.  
So they cannot afford to forget you.

Copyright © Ann Convery 2011

Failure: The Biggest Success Secret

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots; 26 times I missed the game winning shot. I’ve failed over and over again .That’s why I succeed.” Michael Jordan

Jordon knew a bit about success.  The main thing he knew was that what is often defined as failure is actually a roadmap to success.  Failing to succeed.  The title of this article is tricky.  It sounds like I’m writing about how not to succeed, a blueprint on how to fail.  But, in fact what this article is about is how failure can lead to success.  Sounds strange, but that’s the way life works.  Often we spend so much time ensuring that we’re not going to fail, or fall on our face that we basically end up staying in one very small, very closed space.  There is really only one failure and that’s giving up.  And, when you think about it there are also times when that’s not a failure.  Sometimes we learn that we we’re headed in the wrong direction.  We stoop and take another road.  That too is not failure, that’s wisdom.

So how does this relate to public relations and marketing?  Simple, learning to launch a successful media relations campaign follows the same rules as learning to do anything successfully.  You come up with a success game plan, implement, and see what works.  Chances are that not all of your plans will be home runs, some might be complete flops.  So learn from those.

For example when I launched the PR campaign around my book Spin to Win, I initially pitched stories on how the PR process works. They were stories on the nuts-and-bolts, how-to aspects of launching a public relations campaign.  Well, we got some media bites, but not big ones.  So, I thought here I am the owner of a PR company and I’m launching a pretty ineffective campaign on my own book.  I could have stopped there, figured I’d missed the mark and given up.  But we switched approaches.  Instead of pitching stories on how to launch a PR campaign, I came up with pitches on how celebrities or companies that were in the news (usually for reasons that required PR damage control) should and could handle their PR problems.  This gave the media stories they could have fun with.  I met the media’s needs by giving them media stories that worked for them and was also able to get my message out and have my book featured on CNN, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the BBC and several other media outlets.

So although the initial pitch didn’t resonate the way I hoped it would, it lead me to coming up with the second approach and that approach worked.  I can’t tell you how many times this has been the case in my PR experience.  That’s why it’s impossible to judge a media campaign on one, two or three months.  As with everything in life, true success takes time, creativity, work and persistence.  It’s the persistence that can be the hardest part, but that’s also the piece of the puzzle that can yield the biggest pay off.  Just ask Michael Jordan.

Copyright © Anthony Mora 2011

Creating Your PR Image to Bring Your Dreams to Reality 

Your business is unique because you’re the one who is rerunning it and you’re the only you that there is.  How can your business reflect your uniqueness? By integrating who you are with what you do. To accomplish this, you need to understand how to capitalize on your unique abilities and perspective in order to organically grow your business and differentiate it from your competitors.

Often businesses are arbitrarily put together. Someone comes up with an idea, starts a company and a business is born.  The downside is that without some thought, planning and guidance, a company can grow on its own without a focus or direction.  It grows wild, untended.  That’s not the approach you want to take.  View your business as a living, breathing entity. You gave it life and it needs guidance and structure. Determine where you want the business to go, how you want it to look, feel and grow; start defining your business, as opposed to simply letting the business wander aimlessly. Do you want to attract as wide a market as possible, or appeal to a more limited, special niche market?  How do you want your business to be viewed or perceived?  What do you see as your brand?

Define your company, your image, and what makes your business specifically yours.  An effective image does not just happen; it has to be conceived, designed and worked. Review all aspects of your business. If you have a storefront, is it inviting? Does it welcome customers? If you’ve grown to the point that you have a staff, do they know your values? Do they make clients or customers feel welcome and comfortable, both in person and on the phone?

If you sell a product, is your packaging and sales material clear and attractive? Again, does the look and feel reflect both you and your business? Do you and your staff inspire confidence? Does the way you dress and carry yourself reflect your image?  Is the business an organic extension of you and your vision?

Many businesses need only minor makeovers; essentially some fine-tuning. But you’d be surprised at the difference those slight changes can make.  They can give your business a whole new lease on life. Real success comes when you integrate yourself with your business, when you and your company, product or service are moving in one unified direction.

Take some time to define your business and your message. Scrutinize it from top to bottom.  If it’s time for a new look, create one. Give you and your business a makeover. Once you’ve accomplished those objectives, you’ll be ready for center stage; ready to take your story to the public and bring your dreams fully to reality.

Copyright © Anthony Mora 2010


Your Gratitude To-do List

“The single greatest thing you can do to change your life today would be to start being grateful for what you have right now.  And the more grateful you are, the more you get.”  So says Oprah.  Now whether you are an Oprah fan or not, one thing you have to give her is – she knows how to succeed.  So maybe there is something to this gratitude business.  At the very least, it’s worth a try.  We’re taught to strive, struggle, plan, work, toil… you know, all that fun stuff,  Then we focus on making as much as we can, The one with the most toys wins, or so the saying goes.

It’s easy to get lost in the struggle and spend the rest of our time resentful that we’re not accumulating as much as we want, or as much as we feel we deserve.   But in between the struggle and the accumulating we often forget the best part.  We forget to enjoy, to relax, to appreciate, to be grateful.

Generally I write about how to pitch your product or service, how to actively grow your business, and how to use social media and public relations to establish your brand.  Important stuff; useful stuff.  But that’s just a part of the equation.  A gratitude how-to list is the business focus for today.  To grow your business you have to not only actively work towards your goals, you also need to learn how to let go, relax and be grateful for what you already have.  It sounds counterintuitive, but think about it.  When driving a car do you simply push harder and harder on the accelerator in order to reach you destination?  There is a certain recipe for failure, to put it mildly.  If you’re smart you speed up, slow down, stop, look around and enjoy the scenery as you travel towards your destination.  If you’re really smart, you’re grateful that you even have a car and if you don’t have a car, you’re grateful for what you do have.

We’re generally going through the motions in our day.  Our actions become route robotic, or anxious and frenzied.  We are so firmly focused on where we’re going we forget to pay any attention to where we are.  We are so focused on what we perceive as the final goal or the brass ring, or whatever we choose to call it, that we forget that the journey truly is the destination.  We never arrive at that magical “there”, because that place doesn’t exist.  We move through a series of destinations; but the sad part is we generally ignore or minimize them because they are not “the” destination.

Just as launching a marketing or PR campaign takes some work, research and brainstorming, so does learning how to practice gratitude; so, for now forget about your business plan or your marketing plan or your to-do list.  Make a different list this time.  Make a list for everything you have to be grateful for.  And don’t be stingy here; be lavish, extravagant.  If you end up with a small list, go back and add some more points.

Your next assignment is to find signposts that remind you to practice this.  There is a tree that stands on top of one of the hills in Griffith Park, not far from my office.  It stands by itself.  To me, there is something magical about it.  I see it about once or twice a day as I’m driving.  It’s my gratitude reminder.  Not only am I grateful that that tree exists, it reminds me to be grateful for everything else I have.  So that’s the last item on your gratitude to-do list.  Find your tree

Copyright © Anthony Mora 2010


Brainstorming Secrets for Success in the New Year

Start the New Year with a new attitude and a new marketing plan.  The best way to do this is to step back and look at your business in a whole new way.

Set up a Brainstorming Session Time for the New Year.  Block a couple of hours, or better yet half a day and invite your marketing team or PR consultants to look at your business in a whole new way.  If you don’t have a marketing team, that’s fine, you are now your official marketing team.  Invite your employees, associates or anyone you trust, who you feel has some understanding about your business.  This is not a “business meeting”.  This is to be a fun, adventurous time to play with ideas, options, feelings, new approaches, and interesting story angles.

The purpose is to come up with new, unique ways that you can market your business and tell your story.  Remember the best marketing campaigns tell good stories.  You don’t want to simply say “buy my product or service because it’s good”.  Everyone says that and because everyone says it, no one listens to those messages, or at least very few people do.  You want to use the Brainstorming Session to help you go beyond that roadblock.  Don’t hold back; be creative.  Remember you don’t have to use all these ideas, but if you don’t allow yourselves to really let the creative ideas flow; you could end up missing out on some of your best marketing and media relations stories.

Look at your business, product or service from all angles.  Is there a story in how the product or company was founded?  Is there a unique journey story that tells about how you came to develop the product or service?  Maybe you started the company because of a personal experience you had.  Did you jump from one career track to follow the road less traveled?  What type of challenges did you encounter?  What inspirited you to start your business?  Was there an “aha” moment that changed your direction in life?  There is a whole range of human interest stories that can connect with the public.  By telling a compelling story you get others to listen, to understand and bond with you.

And what about the business, service or product itself?  Is there a different approach you use?  What problems does it solve?  How does it differ from others in the field? Has it been updated or modified in any way?  Is it smaller, larger, brighter, less expensive, more user friendly, or more effective?  How could you present it that’s somewhat different?

And don’t forget the most important focus; how has your business or product affected others? How has it helped change lives?  Has it made life easier?  Has it made people richer, thinner, smarter, faster, or happier?  Do you have clients who would be able to tell their story to the media?  The best public relations campaigns are those that tell transformational stories.  If you have some that illustrate how your businesses has affected the life of others, you’re on the right track.

Awhile back we represented a long term health care center.  The basic stories there had to do with the various aspects around that type of care, along with the challenges of caring for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s. One day while I was visiting the client, we held a brainstorming session.  While we were meeting, I noticed that there was a small dog that followed one of the nurses form room to room.  Something clicked and I wrote a press release about the dog as one of the facilities’ favorite employees.  The dog didn’t see old age, didn’t care whether someone was in a wheelchair, or had memory problems.  The dog loved them all the same.  By presenting it this way, I was able to shift what could be seen as a depressing story to a warm and fuzzy tale (so to speak).  It worked.  We were able to land coverage in Time, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, NPR, NBC, ABC, the Discovery Channel and other media.  Without the brainstorming session, none of that would have happened.

So block some time, have fun with it and have your own Brainstorming Session. Believe me; it’s worth it.

Copyright © Anthony Mora 2010

Long Term PR Strategies To Make More Money

An effective public relations campaign takes planning, time, and work. You need to mine your stories and use the media you garner to land more media. A truly effective PR campaign cannot be launched or realistically measured in two four or even six months. Once you do decide to move forward, begin with some clear specific objectives.

Study your business plan. How can media placement help you meet your objectives? Do you want to increase your business by a third in one year? Do you want to open another store or branch? Do you want to take a product national? What are your long term goals? Without such goals, you have no way to measure the success of the campaign.
Keep your eye on the future. Remember, media placement is a long-term, cumulative process. If you are only looking five weeks or even six months down the line, broaden your scope. Write down your short-term and long-term objectives. Where does media placement fit in? How can an effective media relations campaign help you achieve your objectives?

A plan that has you appearing on Oprah, The Tonight Show, or in Time Magazine and The Wall Street Journal within the first two months of your campaign, is not a plan, that’s fantasy. One particular client we’ve worked with for several years has been featured in Time Newsweek, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, NPR and countless other media outlets, but those placements did not come about overnight. They were part of a long term commitment to achieving her PR objectives.  If the client had stopped her campaign in two or three month’s time, she would never have been in Time or the Wall Street Journal and would never had known that her campaign was on the road to success. That indeed would have been a waste of time and money.

Approach your marketing as a part of your overall business strategy.  Remember launching an effective PR campaign for your company is not a luxury, but a necessary powerful, key marketing tool. Think of it as being an integral part of your company’s long term marketing strategy.
Copyright© Anthony Mora 2010

The Six Greatest PR Myths Busted

Hey Everyone,

There is a lot here.  So today we’ll start with the first 2 greatest PR Myths:



...check out the next few days posts to get the next 4:







When it comes to public relations, often what appears to be the obvious decision is the wrong decision. What makes it especially difficult is that, (as you’ll learn once you decide to launch a campaign) everyone thinks that they know all there is to know about publicity. You will be given advice from your neighbors, co-workers, pastors, janitors, clients, patients, relatives – you name it.

I once worked as the editor for a magazine publisher who had a tendency to listen to, and take advice from, any and everyone he met. When he went to lunch, I used to pray that the elevator would be empty and that he’d go for drive-through fast food where no one would talk to him. If he spoke to a waitress, a salesperson, or a stranger in an elevator, he would invariably call me into his office and propose that we implement some revolutionary suggestions that he had been given. Never mind that nine times out of ten these changes were totally inappropriate, as far as he was concerned they were dynamic, new – revolutionary!

People love to give advice, whether they know what they’re talking about or not. Remember, these people who tell you exactly how you should run your business have nothing at stake, which is why they can afford to make such definitive and authoritative pronouncements.  So, when these know-it-alls give you advice, smile, listen, maybe even nod, but stay on course.

The following are a few of the PR myths that you don’t want to fall prey to.  There are more than I’m listing here, but the following is a list of the most common mistakes I watch people make, day, after day, after day, after…


We live in the information age. If you’re resourceful and inventive enough, you can come up with an interesting story, hook, or idea that will interest the national media. I know, you think that you could never garner national media – your story’s simply not exciting enough. But you’re wrong; you can interest the national media. No, you’re probably thinking, even if you could land some national stories, you have no possible use for national media, so what difference does it make? It would just be a waste of time and money for you. You’re based in a little town called Nowhereville, USA, so what good would a story that hits all fifty states do you?  It’s obvious I just don’t understand your needs.

Well, let’s see. As to your first point, that you don’t have a story that could interest the national media: Why not? Why couldn’t you generate national interest in your story? Remember everyone who is quoted in Time magazine, or interviewed on the Today show lives and works in some local town or city. Take a look at all of the possible angles available. What makes your story different, unique? Is there some trend or new breakthrough in your field that affects not only your particular business, but your profession as a whole? Are there other similar types of businesses or professionals that you can help weave into your story to give it a broader appeal? Study all of the possibilities. Give your story a wider, more national scope.

Regardless of the field you are in, you want to pitch your story in a way where you remove the local or regional barrier. You are pitching a story that will interest the nation as a whole. Brainstorm, come up with different ideas. You’ll find some, just give it time. Don’t ignore your local angles. Use them for your local media, but remember, you can and should transcend your city boundary lines. From my experience, I’ve found that it’s as easy or as hard (depending on how you want to look at it), to place national media, as it is to land local and regional press.

Now let’s look at why you’d want to garner national publicity, if you only have a local business. People aren’t going to fly in from around the country to use your plumbing service or buy insurance from you, or try the newest item on your menu, are they? Maybe, but probably not. So then, is national publicity a waste? Most people will probably tell you so. Most people will tell you to stay local, because that’s where your bread and butter is.

Granted, most people are going to want local media; that’s where they live, that’s where their business is based, that’s where they’re going to sell their products, get their clients to sell their service. So, why am I telling you to pitch the national press? Because, a national story will establish you as an expert in your field. You will be able to put your media credits in your releases and bios and, most importantly, national media can help drive your local media through the roof.

Let’s say that you land a thirty-second quote on CNN. Now what? You move as quickly as possible and let your local media outlets know that you were recently featured on CNN. You, small-town business person from Nowhereville, USA, were featured on the national news. Heck, that in itself is news. Believe me, nothing impresses the media more than media. Now you’re national news and you’re in a position to garner local news. National media feeds the local media. It takes some thought, work and persistence, but the rewards can be incredible.

If you initially don’t land any national interest, don’t let that deter or depress you. Keep at it, and remember, the process also works in reverse. Once you receive local publicity, you can use that as ammunition to approach the national media again. If local press is your main priority, that’s where your emphasis should be. But don’t overlook the national media. It can help establish you as an expert in your field and help you land major local stories.

A lot of people have resistance to doing media. They don’t want to do interviews, they don’t want to be an “expert,” they just want their business to be successful. If you feel that way, ask yourself what you’re willing to do to be successful. Are you willing to utilize the most powerful marketing tool available? Are you willing to utilize the magic of the media, and give your business a real chance for success?

An incredible marketing tool is being offered to those who are willing to utilize it. Effective media placement isn’t about wanting to be a star or wanting to appear in the media – it’s about success. It’s about establishing yourself as an expert in your field and zooming beyond your competition. Publicity is a creative, effective, relatively inexpensive, and dynamic way to achieve success. You are not positioning yourself as a “star” or an entertainer, but as an expert in your field. You are establishing yourself as an invaluable resource for the media. You probably don’t like to pay the bills, or do the books, or shop for your best suppliers, but you do it because it’s part of doing business. It is a part of your bottom line. Media placement should also be an integral part of that equation. You do it because you want to be successful. Period.

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Creating PR Success Beyond Oprah

I recently received a call from a prospective client who had recently appeared on Oprah and was looking for ways to continue and grow his media placements and build his public relations campaign.  That was one smart, savvy business owner.  Most people view Oprah as the summit, as the end of the line media-wise.  Granted, at least through the end of this year, Oprah will remain one of the prime jewels, when it comes to media coverage.  For the last decade it seems as though every client and prospect has lead with one question – “when can you get me on Oprah?”

She created a media juggernaut, the likes of which we’ve rarely seen.  Still, even for those clients we did book on Oprah, the show was only one step in their overall media campaign.  The purpose of PR is not to gain one media hit, but to create a sustained ongoing media presence.  It could be a TV segment, or a magazine or newspaper article; still other times it could be coverage in a blog or a social media site.

It is the combination of media coverage that creates an effective public relations campaign.  It is not about one placement, even if that placement is on Oprah or the Today Show.  Those types of media hits only truly fulfill their purpose if they end up generating more media coverage.  Often a media hit in a huge outlet such as Oprah will result in an avalanche of call and enquiries for a couple of weeks, but the response will then start to rapidly fade.  We once placed a client on a national TV segment that generated in the neighborhood of half a million calls in a couple of weeks.  The response was astounding.  But as with anything else, if the campaign had stopped there, eventually so would the calls.

So, keep in mind that one media placement does not equate to an effective public relations campaign.  PR is a cumulative process.  It is about the long haul, about creating a sustained ongoing media presence.  Now, add an Oprah appearance to that approach and you have one amazing PR success story on your hands.

Copyright © Anthony Mora 2010


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