Steve Jobs

Can team Cook and Ahrendts rekindle the Magic of Steve Jobs

Apple hasn’t been the same since the passing of Steve Jobs. What company would be? Many say the company it’s losing its magic touch, now that the Visionary in Chief is gone. Jobs wasn’t only a visionary and a shrewd CEO, he was a marketing and PR genius. He was able to make his Apple launches highly anticipated media events. Events that we haven’t seen since.

The Steve Jobs Factor

Although I never really realized it, I’ve been talking about Steve Jobs on almost a daily basis for the last several years. Whenever I’d talk to a prospective client or review a campaign with a new employee or teach an intern about how PR really woks, Jobs is who I’d point to. Jobs didn’t only brand Apple, he branded Steve Jobs. It was genius, the campaigns mirrored each other. His PR focus was not on price point, but on innovation, design and excellence. His campaigns were a mixture of entertainment, information and elegance. Until someone else does it better, his approach remains the gold standard.

The Steve Jobs Approach to PR Magic

By branding yourself as well as your business, you set up a two-pronged marketing campaign. By establishing yourself as an expert in your field, you become the authority, the go-to person in your particular arena. This type of validation will then extend to your product or service. That is what made Steve Jobs so immensely valuable to Apple. Love him or hate him, people saw him as the innovator, as the one who changed the field, the one who came up with the most interesting and exciting products. The one they could trust.


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