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The 5 Most Asked PR Questions – Answered

Having been in the PR business for over twenty years, I’ve been asked a number of questions about PR, media relations, marketing, publicity and the media. Each person has his or her unique concerns, but overall there are five questions that I get repeatedly asked. With that in mind, I’ve listed them below with a short explanation and response to each

Authors, Musicians & PR’s Brave New World

It’s not only the music industry that has been stood on its head by the internet. The worlds of publishing, film and TV are also reeling. In this brave new world, artists either have to become marketers, or they have to hire PR and marketing firms to handle their promotional needs for them. Particularly in the fields of art and entertainment, marketing cannot be looked at as a luxury. Marketing, particularly media relations, is a necessity.

Promoting Your Movie via the Media

You see your job as director or producer (or both) but not as marketer. Well, if you want to maximize your chances of getting your film out there, it’s time to get comfortable with this new role. As a filmmaker, this is an exciting time. Now more than ever you can take steps that can help ensure the success of your projects and your careers. Be bold. Go for it.


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