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SEO Press Release Tips

It’s no longer enough to concern yourself with intersecting the traditional media with your releases. Yes, you need to create press releases that meet the needs of the traditional media, but you also need to maximize the use of search engine optimization (SEO). Whereas SEO can possibly help you land traditional media coverage, its primary function is to help you rank in Google and Yahoo News and for your keywords.

How to Effectively Work with your PR Firm

If you choose to hire a public relations firm, which you should if your budget permits, keep in mind that it’s still your job to help create the stories. No PR firm or public relations consultant will know your business the way you do. Remember the job of a media relations firm is to tell your story and get you in front of the media. Your job is to give your PR company the tools, information and the stories to work with. By actively working with your PR firm, you can develop a campaign that interests the media, lands you interviews and builds your brand and your business.

Why You Should Launch a PR Campaign in a Tough Economy

No one is going to buy your product or services if they don’t know it exists and this is particularly true in tough economic times. As counter intuitive as it might seem, the slow times are the times that you can’t afford to cut back in your marketing efforts. It has been documented that companies that increase their marketing efforts during a recession can improve their market share as well as their return on investment at lower costs than they can during good economic times. While the competition is out of sight and out of mind, you should be front and center.

The Value of Online Press Releases

Online press releases are a bit like ants at a picnic. They are everywhere and can be a bit annoying. Whereas they do have their uses, it’s important not to confuse online with offline releases. If your objective is to help increase your web traffic and raise your search engine ranking, online is worth a shot. If you’re looking to gain coverage in TV, print, or radio, whereas online might help, to be truly effective, focus on the traditional approach.

Media Pitching Lessons

To have yourself, your service or your product featured in the media, you need to effectively pitch the media. It’s an art. By appearing in the media you create a bridge between your company and your clients or customers. You also build your brand by establishing credibility that only comes with being featured as a news story. Your best bet is to hire a public relations firm or PR consultant to develop, launch and implement your media relations campaign for you. It can be a tricky business and you can often do yourself more harm than good by trying it on your own. But, if money is tight and you’re not in a position to retain a firm, you don’t have to wait to get started. There are some PR tips and secrets you can try. With that in mind, the following is a pitching overview.

To Phone or not to Phone (pitch) The Media

You’ve come up with your story ideas and pitch angles, you’ve written your press release, you’ve sent out the email pitches and you’ve placed your release on one of the paid wire services and… nothing! Not a single editor or producer has called to interview you or write a feature on you. You’ve done everything right and everything’s gone wrong. What now? How about picking up the phone? There’s a start!

When & How To Call The Media

You’ve decided to give your PR campaign a real shot. If you’re not in a position to hire a public relations firm or media consultant and are giving it a stab on your own, learn the ropes before moving forward. It’s important to develop your story, write your press release, build your media list and send your release out to the appropriate media. But at that point media follow up calls might be in order. The following are media follow up tips to review before making your calls.

PR Follow-up Etiquette

After you’ve sent out your releases, give the media a day or two to read them, but don’t make the mistake of waiting for weeks, hoping for a call. Keep in mind you are going to have to make follow-up calls in order to launch an effective campaign, without them, PR and media placement is a shot in the dark.

The Difference Between Online PR and Traditional PR

Traditional public relations and what is generally referred to as online PR are definitely different animals. In general traditional PR or media relations has to do with placing articles or segments in newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. What is referred to as online PR generally has to do with blogging, posting information on social media sites, email marketing campaigns, and online press release distribution. The most powerful approach is to meld traditional PR with an online marketing approach. Using this approach you can utilize the validation of traditional PR and the global reach of online PR to create a marketing program that is much greater than the sum of its parts.


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