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Building The Bridge Between Your Art & Your Audience

Perhaps the most difficult aspect to working as an artist is to find a path or direction. It’s not like being a physician, or an attorney. There is no true roadmap to follow that leads you from school to your basic career track. Some artists are schooled in their craft, others are self taught. And for each artist out there, there is an individual career track. It is a singular individualized process. There are practical aspects that need to be considered, but a good part of succeeding in the arts is intuitive. To be honest, a good part of succeeding in any field is intuitive.

The Art of Music Marketing

Back when I was still managing musicians you could take a cassette to an A&R rep, drag him or her down to see a band perform and if they struck the right chord (so to speak) the label could take over from there. Times have changed.

How to Increase Your Chances of Press Coverage

oming up with your story ideas, developing your pitches, building your media lists, defining your target market, and writing your initial press release are some of the steps you need to take when launching your public relations campaign. But those are only the initial, basic steps. Whereas many people think that coming up with pitch ideas and sending out press releases is all it takes to launch a media relations or publicity campaign, those are simply the initial steps.

PR Mapping, Brainstorming and Media Success

Developing and launching a PR campaign can be an interesting, exhilarating and exciting process. I’d say that if it’s not, you’re approaching it the wrong way. The most important thing to keep in mind is that it is a process, a cumulative process. It begins with mapping out your stories, pitches, strategies, and timeline. I generally begin every campaign with a brainstorming and PR mapping process. Once you develop a PR roadmap, you can set a course to reach your media and marketing destination.

How to Find Your Public Relations Target Market

Before launching a PR or marketing campaign, take the time to learn exactly who your target market is. Assuming you know and understand your market can set you on the wrong course, needlessly costing you time, money and effort. Once you’ve defined your message and your market, you’re ready to successfully use the reach, impact, credibility and validation of an effective public relations campaign to reach you clients and customers.


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