Banish 4 Thoughts That Keep You Struggling – from guest blogger Ann Convery of Revenue Reflex


Are you sick of “struggle mode”?

Do you know who’s keeping it in place?

Last night I was on a gorgeous horse farm in Ojai,
eating a piece of vegan chocolate cake.

OK, I ate two pieces.

And thinking about letting go of struggle.

I watched the sun disappear over the mountains and thought about why life and my business have changed so much in the last 12 months.

They changed because I changed.

My thoughts changed.

Here are some of the sabotaging thoughts my clients and I

Because they hold you back.

And we got tired of waiting.

How about you?

4 Thoughts That Keep You in Struggle 

1. “The problem is..”  

This means you aren’t looking at possible solutions.
You’re focusing on the problem.

You may think:  “Of course I’m focusing on the problem!
How can I solve it?!”

By focusing on solutions.
The problem seems impossible. So side-step it.

What you focus on expands.
Think about it.
Successful people focus on solutions.
Start saying, “The best possible solution is…” instead.

(Full confession: This used to be one of my top phrases.
I got rid of it.

The opportunities that have appeared in my life in the last 12 months
are absolutely unbelievable. Now I look only for SOLUTIONS.

2. “The reason why…”

Everyone has their own pet set of excuses.
What are yours?

Do you know your “reasons” define your life?

If Laura Hillenbrand could write “Seabiscuit” while
she was so ill with chronic fatigue she could barely crawl to her desk…

If Steve Jobs could start a computer company out of his garage…

If Nelson Mandela could – you get the picture.

Find out what your pet reasons are for not having more of
what you want.

Then watch how you stop yourself
by believing in them.

positive3. “I know that.”

These are three of the most dangerous words in the English language.

Maggie was a highly gifted speaker and coach.

But she was miserable grinding out speech after speech with
nothing to show for it- no clients, no fees.

She whined for years about how she “hated” speeches.

Not only did Maggie know exactly how to speak and sell from
the stage, she actually taught it to others. Successfully.

But in her mind, she “knew that” already, and it wouldn’t work.
Besides, her meeting planners “didn’t allow her to sell.”

One day Maggie was hit upside the head by a tough-talking coach
who dared her to follow her own formula at her next speech.

(Guess who that was?)

Just to prove the coach wrong, Maggie threw out her old speech,
and followed every single speak to sell technique she knew.

She closed 40% of the room.

Whaddya know, it worked.

Maggie realized that she’d been spending years with her head up
her butt, so invested in knowing that it wouldn’t work
that she never gave it a try.

What do you positively absolutely KNOW won’t work?

Bet you’re wrong.

4. “Impossible.”

Ellen wanted a business, but she had no idea how to start.

She was highly talented in a number of fields, but Ellen wanted
the freedom of her own business.

“It’s impossible!  I don’t know how to sell,” she said.
“I don’t know the first thing about how to begin.”

Ellen stewed in this bewildering swamp for a year.
The she bought a $29 program about how to sell.

She wrote an ad.

She was so swamped with calls – about 30 a week – that
she hid from the phone.

So she took a course on selling, and found out how
to sign up clients. She had a full client load in a month.

But she still wanted the dream of free time.

So she invested in a coach.

Together they outlined a dream cash-flow business
which would bring her $60K a year to start, while
she worked for less than 15 hours a month.

When she wanted to double that income, she
could hire another part-timer.

Today she is writing 3 hours a day and
building a business that gives her the freedom she craves.

Nothing is impossible but the limits you set.

Do you have to see before you believe?

Or can you believe until you see it come true?

Copyright © Ann Convery 2013

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