Building The Bridge Between Your Art & Your Audience

artist audiencePerhaps the most difficult aspect to working as an artist is to find a path or direction.  It’s not like being a physician, or an attorney.  There is no true roadmap to follow that leads you from school to your basic career track.  Some artists are schooled in their craft, others are self taught.  And for each artist out there, there is an individual career track.  It is a singular individualized process.  There are practical aspects that need to be considered, but a good part of succeeding in the arts is intuitive.  To be honest, a good part of succeeding in any field is intuitive.

If you’re creating art for art’s sake, that’s fine, but if you want to make a career out of your art and to be both financially and artistically successful, you need to approach your career realistically.


grunge brushes. isolatedAs an artist you need to define:

your art,

your market,

your direction,

your marketing,

your media.

You need to view marketing and PR as a part of your career description.  You need to view marketing as an art form, one you can refine and tailor it specifically to your art, your personality, your market and your message.  Get excited about your marketing.  Play with it.  Have fun with it.  View it as a creative challenge.  It is the road that can lead you to a successful career; the bridge between your art and your audience.  Give it the care and respect it deserves

Turn your marketing into an art.  Have fun with it and give it the respect it deserves

Intention leads to inspiration.

Prepare:  Practice signing your autograph.  I know.  It sounds silly, but do it.

Copyright © Anthony Mora 2013

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