Amar Sidhu and The Black Russian: A Unique Film Marketing Saga

Screen shot 2013-01-28 at 5.08.53 PMI’ve written a number of articles on how to utilize PR and media relations to help market your film, land distribution and build your brand. But before you can promote your film, you have to get into the game.  That’s not always easy.  Hollywood can be a daunting closed system to an outsider.  It often takes as much creativity to get into the film world as it takes to create the film itself.  By the same token, the upside of Hollywood is that there is no definite success path.  Each successful actor or filmmaker has his or her unique story.  As the industry changes more entrepreneurial actors and directors are carving out their own successful paths .That’s what makes Amar Sidhu’s story so compelling.

Amar is a successful physician, who is now creating a niche for himself as a successful action star.  When Amar Sidhu, M.D. was pursuing his medical degree at Tulane University, he was awarded the Outstanding Leadership Award and went on to become the Valedictorian of his graduating class. When he completed his residency in dermatology at the University of Southern California, he was awarded the “Outstanding Resident Award.” He has since gone on to become one of the most respected dermatologists in Southern California. But that, as they say, was just the beginning; Amar Sidhu has now set his sights on acting and is being met with similar success.

Working as one of Southern California’s top dermatologists doesn’t leave much time for going on auditions or networking.  Realizing that and understanding he didn’t have the time to slowly build his resume, Amar decided to go an entirely different route to reach his goals and realize his dreams.  Just as he did when pursing his medical career, he came up with a gameplan and has to date produced and starred in two feature films.  His first project was the foreign action drama Aakhari Decision, which was shot in Los Angeles and in India.

actor at work He is now ready to firmly establish himself with his latest feature release, The Black Russian. After the success of writing and acting in his first film Aakhari Decision, Amar has completed his second feature film, delivering a commanding performance in a new action conspiracy thriller that combines the action of ‘Man on Fire’ with the suspense of ‘Taken.’ When a Los Angeles attorney (Amar) discovers his photojournalist girlfriend has gone missing on assignment in Pakistan, he delves deep into a world of terrorism, drug trafficking, and corruption in his attempt to uncover what happened. This time Amar adds the title of co-director to that of actor and producer, giving him a challenging but immersive experience of the trials and tribulations of filmmaking. This level of creative input has also allowed him to refine his acting.  In addition to a local shoot in Los Angeles, the crew worked in India and Pakistan.   Not one to rest on his laurels, Amar is currently in pre production on his third film, a sci-fi action film called Winter’s Dream.

Amar’s goal is not to produce or direct, but to act.  His films offer a gateway to that world.  Utilizing public relations, social media and grassroots marketing, Amar is establishing himself in the film world.  He is continuing to produce and star in his own feature films, but, as his momentum builds, he is also garnering the attention of other producers and directors.  His star is on the rise.

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