Creating A PR Buzz around your Beauty Biz

When it comes to PR and marketing, the beauty and grooming sector is an immense one.  It covers every ethnicity, men, women, preteens and seniors.  There are products and services targeted to just about any and everyone.  If you’re in the industry, the trick is to define your sector, understand what type of message and approach your audience responds to and learn how and where to reach your target market.

Keep in mind when launching a PR campaign that you don’t simply want to market. Focus on educating and informing.  Being as informative as possible in your public relations and marketing outreach is essential.  Not only will your target market begin to view you as a trusted resource, they’ll also learn more about what you offer and the various ways they can utilize your services.  For example, not everyone realizes the various services and procedures that a beauty salon or spa offers.  Some potential clients will only think in terms of the basics not realizing that there are also facials, spa treatments, manicures, pedicures and other services that they could choose from.

We’ve worked with a number of beauty-oriented clients around the country including The J Sisters, Allen Edwards Hair Salon, Cristophe Hair Salon, Afterglow and NYX Cosmetics.  Each one had its own approach and own needs.  Each one also had stories and angles that made it special and unique.

Think it terms of what makes you unique when launching a media campaign, but also think in terms of broadening your media bulls-eye.  Review your services and see how large your market reach can be.  Are there packages for new moms, or expectant moms?  Are there services for businessmen on the run? For teens? For seniors?  Do you have special inexpensive introductory packages?  Drill deep when it comes to your PR and marketing.  Once you’ve defined your different story ideas and media angles, put them in a sequential order.  What are the most timely or important story ideas to lead with?  Keep the season in mind; if you’re marketing around the Christmas holidays, you’re going to want to go out with a very different story than if you’re marketing in midsummer.  Once you’ve defined you’re story, write a one page press release, build a media list and start your media outreach.  Check out my blog for various articles on how to write a press release, develop story ideas, create a media list and pitch the media.

If you’re marketing a beauty product, you’ll want to take a bit of a different approach, which I’ll cover in an upcoming article.  Regardless of what you’re marketing, make sure that you create a system where you do some type of marketing outreach on a daily basis.  Apart from a traditional PR outreach, utilize social media, blogging and email marketing, create an eBook or special report with the top 10 tips. As I mentioned before, educate, inform.

There are myriad marketing approaches you can use to launch and grow your beauty business.  Take care not to get lost in the marketing maze.  You don’t need to use every marketing approach. Pick one or two approaches that work for you and stick to them.  From my perspective PR and social media are the most effective.  Be consistent.  Give it time.  It will work.

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“Award winning beauty 2012.” Photo. Escentual. 8 Mar 2012. 15 Nov 2012. <>

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