A Message From Guest Blogger, Ann Convery: Discover the Biggest Mistake Made Every Day When Talking/Writing to Prospective Clients – Is it Losing you Money?

Curiosity, anticipation , desire and anxiety.

 These are the feeling states that will bring you more clients – anywhere, any time.

The secret language of desire.

Speak that language, and people will overcome any obstacle to work with you.

(If you’re using it now, you know what I mean.)

You know you’re GREAT at what you do.

But do you still…

Watch people smile and nod politely, but don’t buy.
Or they tell you how much they like your stuff… and then walk away

Ann Convery’s Language of Desire system has brought in millions in revenue for her personal clients in the last 4 years.

Download & Listen to the Free call on youresobrilliant.com where she gives you the keys to the kingdom…

  • Discover 3 easy, astonishing ways to speak the Language of Desire and attract as many clients as you can handle.
  • Uncover the secret trigger that instantly prompts prospects to relate to your service and begin to fantasize about it — right while you’re talking to them.
  • Find the fastest way to banish confusion and delay in people, so choosing your service is a no-brainer.

Listen for one hour with Ann and say goodbye to being ignored, shunned and broke.

On the call:

  • Find out exactly what to do and say to connect directly with the “Hidden Buyer” in everyone. In minutes!
  • Create the Gap – the #1 tool that makes you “priceless” to your market.
  • Create “Suspense Mode”, where your audience is 10 times more likely to buy.
  • And lots more…

It’s all here. And it won’t cost you a dime!

The language of desire will bring you more business. Every time, with every client.

Listen to an amazing call that can change your business, your income, and your life.

This works with or without a website, online and off.   Even if you have no experience.

Ann’s system has brought in over $8 million in revenue for her clients in the last 5

Discover the core skill that will bring you more revenue for the rest of your life.

We had such a phenomenal response 
to “The Secret Language of Desire” call
that we’re doing it again – a live interview, not canned.

And I am taking the risk of trespassing on
 your over-flowing workday to 
alert you to it.


So you and your business can 
become the most powerful discovery 
in your client’s professional lives.

The call is this Thursday, 
Oct 6th, (yes! Tomorrow) at 1:00 pm PST, 4:00pm EST.

It seems like magic.

It isn’t.

Your prospects buy from Desire.
Nothing else.

When you listen to the call –

You’ll discover a system 
that lets you to talk about your business
in such an irresistible way…
–>  That the reactions,

–>  The immediate, intense interest,

–>  And the clients you get…

Can exceed anything that has happened to 
you before.


And when you join us on this call, you will
—> How to grab the attention of prospects 
who are total strangers  …in seconds.
With no sales talk.

—> The 5 channels you need to build on that instant
attention.  So doubters become prospects.
And prospect become clients.
—> How to create an irresistible path to desire.  
(So they pursue you, not the other way around.)
Because no matter what business you’re 
in… the foundation to your success is 
communicating your value.  So your
 prospects get it.  In their gut.

With the language of desire… they will.

All the best,
p.s.   Become “priceless” to those who need you.  
So they cannot afford to forget you.

Copyright © Ann Convery 2011

5 Small Business Survival Secrets during Economic Hardtimes

Maybe the hardest thing to overcome in a stagnant economy is inertia.  You know, when nothing’s moving, it seems like nothing’s going to move – no clients, no sales, no anything.  And the media states it’s just getting worse.  That goes beyond inertia to dark energy.  So, what is a business owner or entrepreneur to do during these economic hard times?


1)      Don’t give into the feeling of stagnation.  Move forward.  Devise a new business plan specifically for these times.


2)      Take a look and see if you can modify your product or service to fit the times.  Is there a way that you can market it as being efficient, time effective or cost-saving?


3)      Make sure that you’re staying in touch with your customers and your target market.  This is not a time to stop promoting, but a time to market effectively and consistently.  You owe it to yourself.  It is an investment in your company and your future.


4)      Study the media and see what type of stories or articles they’re running.  Make a list of stories that you can pitch to the media on you and your company.  Launch a public relations campaign that’s in step with the times.   Use stories that are relevant to the media at this time.


5)      Utilize the Internet to magnify your PR campaign.  Whenever you land media coverage, whether it’s a TV segment or print article, use social media to hit the largest number of people possible.  Information can travel at the speed of light on the net and you want to utilize that capability.


These can be difficult times to stay optimistic, but they’re also times of real opportunity.  Be proactive.  Move forward even if it feels you’re sloshing through quicksand.  You’ll make it through and realize not only was it worth it, you’ve built a stronger, more successful company than you had at the onset. 


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