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Marketing Lies From Guest Blogger, Howie Jacobson

When you think about it, isn’t marketing usually a more or less blunt way of telling your prospect that they need to change? That something about their life isn’t optimal, and you know what it is and how to fix it?…How about: invite the prospect to take a small step with you, as an equal partner, not damaged goods.

How to Figure out what Marketing Is Right For You

How do you decide what marketing direction is the best for you? That’s not necessarily an easy question to answer. You need to know your company, your product or service, your target market and the direction you want your company to go. Define your needs, your objectives, your budget, the most appropriate approach and move forward. The worst decision you can make is to do no marketing. That’s a sure way to go nowhere fast.

Cold Calling in Reverse: A Unique Approach to Signing Clients & Selling Products

You know what it’s like, you have your list (which you’ve either put together on your own- spending a lot of your time, or you’ve purchased one, spending a lot of your money) and you’ve practiced your pitch. Now it’s time to pick up the phone and start making the calls. Keeping the pipeline filled with warm prospects is never an easy task, and cold calling is only one approach. But what if there was a way to get prospective clients to call or email you? A dream? Nope, it’s possible…

Crafting A Successful PR Pitch

The primary focus of a public relations campaign needs to be meeting the media’s needs. If you don’t accomplish that, you’re missing the mark. Meet the media’s needs and you’ll meet yours. As I’ve stated in other articles, leading with statistics can be an effective approach. Numbers and statistics help give a PR pitch gravitas. But keep in mind that whereas statistics, numbers and figures can help anchor a pitch and a story, don’t rely on stats alone; the main part of your pitch needs to be compelling and newsworthy.

Learning the PR Mindset

Launching and sustaining a public relations campaign is an ongoing process. In the PR world, you are continually refining and modifying your approach, pitches, story ideas, and media lists. Developing an effective PR strategy is not unlike creating an effective sports gameplan. You develop a strategy and draw up specific plays, but you also allow yourself the ability to act and react depending on what comes at you. There is an intuitive aspect to the PR process that has to allow for action and reaction. You want to set up a specific target and gameplan, but you need to be able to shift and alter your plan as needed.


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