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The 5 Most Asked PR Questions – Answered

Having been in the PR business for over twenty years, I’ve been asked a number of questions about PR, media relations, marketing, publicity and the media. Each person has his or her unique concerns, but overall there are five questions that I get repeatedly asked. With that in mind, I’ve listed them below with a short explanation and response to each

How Robert Ebert’s Two Thumbs Down Saved a (Bad) Film

A few years back when I was still managing actors, I was working with a client who was starring in a low budget horror film. It wasn’t a very good film. It basically was what it was. But still, we wanted to generate as much media as we could for the project. We sent a copy of the film to At the Movies when Gene Siskel and Robert Ebert were co-hosting the show. We didn’t figure anything would come of it.

Hathahaters: Anatomy of A Collective Bullying

Sunday’s New York Times ran an article titled “Do We Really Hate Ann Hathaway?” The article went on to list the blogs and articles that have all taken their shots at the actress and went on to further cement the term Hathahaters in the current pop lexicon. This phenomenon is not confined to bloggers or Twitter. It has been covered not only in the Timesbut also in New York Magazine, the New Yorker and the New Republic.

The Art of Success

As an artist, you never know what is going to grab the media’s attention. That’s why your best bet is to do the work you love and then tailor your marketing to fit your artwork. I’m not a believer in trying to figure out what‘s going to entice the media, or coming up with the next big thing. Film companies and TV networks have tried that approach for years and you’ve seen what their track record is like.


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