PR: The Play

Ever wonder what it’s like in the middle of a PR meeting with a client who just doesn’t get it? The following is a retelling of a client who didn’t understand the public relations process and really didn’t want to try and figure it out. It’s by no means what most meetings are like, but it’s real and there are some lessons to be learned.

PR 2.0: Succeeding in the New Media World

When it comes to distribution and media outlets, PR has changed dramatically. Yet the basics of PR, which include defining your objectives, defining your stories, learning how to present your stories, defining your target market(s), and creating a media contact list that reaches your target market(s), remain the same. Still, while the core basics remain the same, it’s true that just about everything else has changed.

Media Facts: You Think Editors Have Time to Read?

When launching a PR campaign, remember this is truly a case where less is more. If you send a four-or -five-page release, no matter how impeccable it looks or how perfect the grammar or form is – no one’s going to want, or have the time, to read it. You want your information to be concise, to the point and interesting. The ironic truth is that editors have almost no time to read. Put yourself in the media’s place when pitching and come up with compelling story ideas along with concise, easy-to-read press releases.

The Six Greatest PR Myths Busted

When it comes to public relations, often what appears to be the obvious decision is the wrong decision. The following are a few of the PR myths that you don’t want to fall prey to. There are more than I’m listing here, but the following is a list of the most common mistakes I watch people make, day, after day, after day, after…

Working on the Media’s Timetable

Remember that the media works on their own timetable. Although you often have time to plan and arrange your schedule to do an interview, that’s not always going to be the case. There will be times that a producer or editor schedules an interview at a time that is inconvenient, or reschedules it at the last minute, forcing you to scramble and change your plans. My advice – do it! Always keep your objective in mind. Your objective is to build your business, to create success through media exposure.

The Dangers of the New Media Landscape

Much of the media is going through tough financial times.  The danger here, particularly when it comes to hard news and investigative reporting, is if real news continues to lose ground to sensationalism and entertainment.  Offering entertainment 24/7 will result in a numbed and uninformed public.  Americans don’t want to be uninformed, but they don’t know what they don’t know.  If due to economic constraints the media fails to uncover stories of corruption both in government and the private sector, we all lose in a very big way.


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