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Promoting Your Movie via the Media

You see your job as director or producer (or both) but not as marketer. Well, if you want to maximize your chances of getting your film out there, it’s time to get comfortable with this new role. As a filmmaker, this is an exciting time. Now more than ever you can take steps that can help ensure the success of your projects and your careers. Be bold. Go for it.

5 Tips to Creating An Effective PR Campaign

Whether you hire a public relations firm, a PR consultant, or try a do-it-yourself media relations approach, the following is a quick outline on how to create your own public relations campaign. Do your homework before pitching the media. The wrong story idea, pitch or approach can end up doing you more harm than good. Public Relations is an amazing marketing tool. Whether you hire a PR firm, a public relations consultant or launch a campaign in-house – start now!


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