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Your Ticket to Success

“What you can do, or dream you can do, begin it; boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” Goethe
In my last blog I talk about how it’s difficult to know what’s really a hit now a days. The traditional means for verification, such as the Neilson ratings aren’t much use when it comes to outlets such of Netflix and tracking record sales is no longer…

How To Successfully Present Your PR Pitch to the Media

hen pitching the media, or your target market, generally the harder you sell, the quicker you lose them. I don’t know of an editor or producer who likes a hard sell. When launching a PR campaign, or sending out a press release, the hard sales approach is never going to serve your purpose. Sell and you lose. You’re not holding a fire sale, you’re telling a compelling story.

As The Election Looms: Is the Electoral College Bad PR For the Country?

Because most states chose to deliver their electoral votes on a winner-take-all basis, there is no impetus for the candidates to reach out to states that seem decided. As we saw in the 2004 election, it’s possible that one candidate wins the popular vote, while another wins the Electoral College. When voters feel taken for granted, they lose interest. That’s bad PR for our political system.

From Perception To Reality: How to Win the Presidential Race

It is not only in the worlds of PR and media relations that perception becomes reality. Life works that way as well. That’s precisely why Barak Obama is the president today. The public perceived him as the agent of change following a low point in our history. In this current presidential race, perception may well be what will tip the scales. The presidential candidate that chooses to get in front of the issues and who outlines his plan in a concrete and compelling manner could well be the candidate that will be perceived as the best choice and will be sitting in the White House come 2013.

Speaking, Presentation and Media Training Tips

Whether you’re doing a TV interview, giving a seminar or making a presentation, it’s important to be prepared. Although from your perspective you might feel your main objective is to inform, in truth your primary goal is to engage with your audience, whether it be an audience of one or (via traditional media or social media) an audience of millions. With that in mind, before you start your speech, presentation or interview, study the following tips.

Isn’t Public Relations Only For National Exposure?

Statements such as: public relations is only for celebrities, or PR is only for major corporations, or PR is only for national exposure are all incorrect. Yet, most people have a tendency to think about PR in that type of only perspective. Which is why there are so many misconceptions around what PR is and how media relations works. Those types of onlys tend to shut people down and often lead business owners and entrepreneurs to make the wrong marketing decisions. Whatever your business goals are, you can tailor a PR campaign to meet them.


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