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The Reason Why: Facts Tell, Stories Sell

Stories are our currency of communication, yet when it comes to marketing, most businesses forget about the story and focus on the facts. By doing that they lose the impact that a compelling story brings. Just as in real estate the saying goes that it’s location, location, location, in promotion, marketing and PR, it’s the story, the story, the story.

Patient Stories and Medical Media Relations

When it comes to PR and medical-oriented media relations, remember, your best stories are patient success stories. Yes, as the physician you’re the expert and the educator, but it’s your patient stories that in turn will tell your story. Utilizing medical-oriented public relations can serve several purposes, it can build your practice and educate and inform the public. By getting this information to the public through the media you can improve and, in some cases, save lives.

Successful PR Pitch Examples

Public relations can be the least expensive and most effective means of getting your message to the public, policy makers and investors . But to be effective you need to recognize what a good story is and then create news stories related to your work that appeal to the media and the public. The following are some media stories we pitched that worked. Each illustrates a different way of landing a story.

When Should You Launch A PR Campaign?

If you’re reading this in real time, it’s early August, the talk shows are gearing up and getting ready to start production and the monthly magazines are turning their attention to their holiday issues. There is no greater time to launch a public relations campaign than now. But what if you’re reading this in December or early June, should you wait, move forward? What is the best time to launch a PR campaign?


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