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Spielberg, Lucas & the Fate of The Film Industry

If anyone knows the film business, Steven Spielberg does. Many consider him a visionary. He’s been a force that has shaped the industry as we know it. So, if it’s true that Spielberg knows the film biz, the industry is in for some hard times. His most recent prediction is not a happy one.

The 5 Most Asked PR Questions – Answered

Having been in the PR business for over twenty years, I’ve been asked a number of questions about PR, media relations, marketing, publicity and the media. Each person has his or her unique concerns, but overall there are five questions that I get repeatedly asked. With that in mind, I’ve listed them below with a short explanation and response to each

PR Tip of the Day: Let The Media Be Your Guide

Developing and launching a public relations campaign is an ongoing cumulative process. With that in mind, we’re starting a new series with short, easy to review PR tips and media relations ideas. Each day for the next few weeks, we will either post a full article or a PR tip. Your part in this is to review the various tips and begin to implement them to further your PR and media outreach. Also, let us know if you have any specific PR or media relations questions you’d like answered. I’ll answer as many questions as possible in upcoming blogs.

PR Mapping, Brainstorming and Media Success

Developing and launching a PR campaign can be an interesting, exhilarating and exciting process. I’d say that if it’s not, you’re approaching it the wrong way. The most important thing to keep in mind is that it is a process, a cumulative process. It begins with mapping out your stories, pitches, strategies, and timeline. I generally begin every campaign with a brainstorming and PR mapping process. Once you develop a PR roadmap, you can set a course to reach your media and marketing destination.

Why You Need To Be Specific in Your PR Pitches, Goals & Objectives

One of the most tempting, and dangerous aspects of launching a PR or media relegations campaign is to try and pitch everything about you or your business at one time. You want to focus. Keep it simple. Journalists are generally working on deadlines and have a limited amount of time. If you try to pitch the media every aspect of your business, you’re not going to be able to come up with a targeted, concise pitch, which is what it takes to be successful in the PR business. Trying to go broad instead of deep is a common error, but it can be a costly one.

Surviving (and thriving) In The Music Industry

The music industry has made such a complete 180 in the past few years, that it’s enough to make you dizzy. The days of A&R reps finding a new band, recording them and putting them through the star making machine is pretty much a thing of the past. It’s true that labels launch many a band, but there are also myriad stories of bands that were taken advantage of and ripped off. Musicians now have to be savvier about marketing and business, but they also command more control. In the long run it could be a decent trade off.


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