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Medical Marketing for Doctors

As a physician you know that marketing and public relations used to be seen as an anathema in the health care community. The way the story went was, a physician’s job is to heal the sick, not self promote. Yet, the Catch 22 was and is that it’s difficult to heal patients who don’t know how to find you.

Timing Is Everything: When to Post to Social Media

The leaps and bounds of social media platforms seem to be in constant flux. In fact, Facebook has become somewhat of a grandfather to the continued springing up of so many other choices out there. However, plugging in to this plethora can be hard for even experienced social media marketers and PR professionals. That’s why whether you’re uploading a viral marketing videos or tweeting about a new promotion, timing is everything when it comes to posting to social media.

Blockbusters Gone Bad

The summer blockbuster season is all but done. Man of Steel and World War Z did well. But, White House Down, which cost $150 million to make, had made around $72 million domestically the last time I checked.


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