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PR Tip of the Day: Developing your PR Pitches & Story Ideas

Developing and launching a public relations campaign is an ongoing cumulative process. With that in mind, we’re starting a new series with short, easy to review PR tips and media relations ideas. Each day for the next few weeks, we will either post a full article or a PR tip. Your part in this is to review the various tips and begin to implement them to further your PR and media outreach. Also, let us know if you have any specific PR or media relations questions you’d like answered. I’ll answer as many questions as possible in upcoming blogs.

The Surprising Benefits of PR

There are primary benefits that come from launching a media relations campaign, but in the two decades I’ve run a PR firm, I’ve seen some surprising, unexpected benefits come from PR outreaches. The following is a list of some of the more remarkable opportunities that have come to clients from their PR campaigns. And, as the list illustrates, once you start to establish yourself, your brand your products, your business, your service, your book, your art, your film, or whatever it is you’re promoting through the media, magic really can happen.

A Novel Approach to Reading: In Defense of the Lowly Book

IPads and Nooks and Kindles have gotten more than their share of PR and media coverage. There has been a press battle among them with press releases flying fast and furious. I suppose they could be okay for reading some non-fiction books. But when it comes to reading fiction, there I firmly draw the line. There is a certain romance to reading novels that supersedes merely looking at and digesting words.

Breast Feeding & the First Gay President: How Time & Newsweek Are Riding the Social Media Train

The news magazines controversy wars are going at full steam. Time got out of the gate first with its May 21 cover, featuring a rather defiant and somewhat uncomfortable looking Jamie Lynne Grumet breastfeeding her three-year-old son, Aram. Not to be outdone Newsweek’s cover May 14th cover declares Obama “the first gay president,” with a story by writer Andrew Sullivan. Through controversy and sensationalism, the major news magazines, which have taken tremendous blows during the past few years primarily because of the internet, are now utilizing the power of social media to sell magazines.

Alice Cooper, Pat Benatar PR- & You

You might think you have nothing in common with Alice Copper or Pat Benatar, but (surprise) you’re wrong. Chances are you’re not launching a new rock act (then again maybe you are), but the basic gameplan of creating a brand and an image is the same whether you’re an entertainer, an entrepreneur, a physician, an attorney, a jeweler, or the owner of a new social media site. You want to establish your brand. You want to create that message, story and image that is specifically you and that separates you from the competition. Your brand and story can be loud and carnival like or extremely subtle and sophisticated.

The NFL’s PR Dramas

Last week the NFL was able to muster more PR coverage than it generally does during the height of the playoffs. Last season not only was Time Tebows’ jersey the number two selling jersey in the league (you’ll have to look up number one); his story captivated a good deal of the season media coverage. Tebow was covered on nearly every media outlet. YouTube was filled with videos of people throughout the globe hitting the famed one knee Tebow stance. For many who had just a passing interest in the sport, Tebow not only was football, he eclipsed football. He certainly was the main topic of conversation in Denver. He was their quarterback and was bringing Denver back to its glory days. Well, what a difference a few months makes. Tebow is now a backup quarterback in New York and Broncos are Payton Manning’s team.

Starbucks’ Spirited PR Gamble

A Big Mac along with a glass of chardonnay?  Who knows?  That could be on the way.  Starbucks is heading in that direction.  The chain will soon be selling beer and wine in select locations.  Four to six stores in the Southern California area will offer alcoholic beverages by the end of this year, as will some stores in Atlanta and Chicago.

An American Renaissance

In the 1950’s the Soviet Union told the U.S. that they would bury us and that history was on their side. In the 1980s everyone was convinced that Japan was about to eclipse the Unites States as the world economic power. Now we’re told that soon China will supplant the U.S. as the primary power in the global economy. The difference this time around is that most Americans seem to buy into this prediction. Gloom and doom seem to be the order of the day. Not that long ago, during the boom of the 1990’s, we were growing at an amazing 2.7% per head. We can do it again. It’s time for an American renaissance. As a nation that’s been our staple. We specialize in new starts, new beginnings. Why stop now?

Controlling Your Media Image: Why Many Celebrities Fail

Generally those who have the most trouble trying to utilize the media are those that have no real idea how it works. Simply because someone is a celebrity or head of state and has been continually highlighted in the media doesn’t mean he or she truly understands the inner workings of the press. Interacting with the media isn’t something that should be taken lightly. There are inherent dangers in carelessly playing the media game, and being a celebrity or a “star” does not immune you. In fact, the bull’s-eye on your back is all the bigger.


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