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PR Follow-up Etiquette

After you’ve sent out your releases, give the media a day or two to read them, but don’t make the mistake of waiting for weeks, hoping for a call. Keep in mind you are going to have to make follow-up calls in order to launch an effective campaign, without them, PR and media placement is a shot in the dark.

4 (more) Secrets to Developing the Perfect PR Pitch

You might have a great story, but if you don’t know how to present it, you’re not going to grab the media’s attention. Remember what seems like a great story for you might not seem that way to the media. Building a great pitch for a TV segment or magazine article takes some time, thought and creativity. I covered some ways to develop a dynamite PR pitch in a previous article, take some time to review those but also keep the following tips in mind.

The Truth About Content Marketing

Content marketing has become a new buzzword. It’s spawned its own cottage industry; there are content marketing courses, experts, books, etc. Although I’m a big believer in content marketing, an important point to realize is that this form of marketing existed well before this term was coined and well before the internet became such a dominate force.

Newspapers on the Rebound?

Journalists and editors have taken the brunt of the cuts as newspapers have pared down. According to the American Society of News 13,500 positions have been cut in the last three years. An article in the Economist points out that unlike papers in many other countries, American newspapers have traditionally relied heavily on ad revenues. According to the Economist: “Fully 87% of their [American newspapers] ad revenues came from advertising in 2008, according to the OECD. In Japan the proportion is 35%. Not surprisingly Japanese newspapers are much more stable.”


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