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Film, Publishing, Music, Art & Marketing’s Brave New World

From music to film, to publishing, to the world of fine art, the internet has forever changed the creative industry. This shift has been seismic and has turned what were thought of as set-in-stone business models on their collective heads.   Because the music world was the first to be rocked by the changing communication landscape, musicians were the first to learn how to take matters into their own hands and create successful careers utilizing PR, social media and various forms of guerilla marketing.

The Art of Music Marketing

Back when I was still managing musicians you could take a cassette to an A&R rep, drag him or her down to see a band perform and if they struck the right chord (so to speak) the label could take over from there. Times have changed.

How To Successfully Present Your PR Pitch to the Media

hen pitching the media, or your target market, generally the harder you sell, the quicker you lose them. I don’t know of an editor or producer who likes a hard sell. When launching a PR campaign, or sending out a press release, the hard sales approach is never going to serve your purpose. Sell and you lose. You’re not holding a fire sale, you’re telling a compelling story.

PR Tip of the Day: Let The Media Be Your Guide

Developing and launching a public relations campaign is an ongoing cumulative process. With that in mind, we’re starting a new series with short, easy to review PR tips and media relations ideas. Each day for the next few weeks, we will either post a full article or a PR tip. Your part in this is to review the various tips and begin to implement them to further your PR and media outreach. Also, let us know if you have any specific PR or media relations questions you’d like answered. I’ll answer as many questions as possible in upcoming blogs.


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