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PR Secret: A Good Story Will Get you in the Media Today

With all of the new theories, programs, classes and seminars and master mind groups on how new media and social media are changing the world of PR, one thing remains constant, to be successful in the PR world, you have to have a story – good, compelling story with a strong narrative. Think of the media less as a unified country than a segmented group of islands, each with its own interests, philosophy and needs. Each island, whether it be USA Today, 60 Minutes, People, Vogue or a local media outlet, needs its specific story and approach.

5 Steps to Creating Successful PR Pitches

Whereas you want to keep your marketing efforts active and on the front burner, you also want to take time to reflect and come up with public relations and promotional ideas that are new and interesting. Below are five steps to developing new PR ideas. Some will miss the mark, but others will hit, and when they do, be ready to grow your business.

Small Business PR Success Tips

Brad Pitt’s publicist’s job isn’t to pitch him to the media, but to coordinate media for him. Brad Pitt commands media because, well, he’s… Brad Pitt. He’s a star and the media is going to cover him or his new film, whenever he’s willing and ready to talk.

Media Pitching Lessons

To have yourself, your service or your product featured in the media, you need to effectively pitch the media. It’s an art. By appearing in the media you create a bridge between your company and your clients or customers. You also build your brand by establishing credibility that only comes with being featured as a news story. Your best bet is to hire a public relations firm or PR consultant to develop, launch and implement your media relations campaign for you. It can be a tricky business and you can often do yourself more harm than good by trying it on your own. But, if money is tight and you’re not in a position to retain a firm, you don’t have to wait to get started. There are some PR tips and secrets you can try. With that in mind, the following is a pitching overview.

To Phone or not to Phone (pitch) The Media

You’ve come up with your story ideas and pitch angles, you’ve written your press release, you’ve sent out the email pitches and you’ve placed your release on one of the paid wire services and… nothing! Not a single editor or producer has called to interview you or write a feature on you. You’ve done everything right and everything’s gone wrong. What now? How about picking up the phone? There’s a start!

The 15 Most Important PR Questions

Time to launch your PR campaign? Make sure you’ve asked yourself the right questions to prepare yourself for success. Create a media relations checklist. Better yet, read this article and review the 17 most important public relations questions you can ask. Keep reviewing your questions and refining your answers. Once you’ve written out your responses, you’re set to launch; use this as your roadmap.

Broadening your PR and Media Bulls-eye

We all have different expressions, different moods, and different topics we enjoy discussing. None of us have one-note personalities, but so many people try to launch one-note media campaigns. This doesn’t mean you don’t pitch your main ideas, but that you expand them, come up with new angles, think beyond the obvious. Remember, your job is to meet the media’s needs. Broadening your scope will help ensure your success


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