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The NFL’s PR Dramas

Last week the NFL was able to muster more PR coverage than it generally does during the height of the playoffs. Last season not only was Time Tebows’ jersey the number two selling jersey in the league (you’ll have to look up number one); his story captivated a good deal of the season media coverage. Tebow was covered on nearly every media outlet. YouTube was filled with videos of people throughout the globe hitting the famed one knee Tebow stance. For many who had just a passing interest in the sport, Tebow not only was football, he eclipsed football. He certainly was the main topic of conversation in Denver. He was their quarterback and was bringing Denver back to its glory days. Well, what a difference a few months makes. Tebow is now a backup quarterback in New York and Broncos are Payton Manning’s team.

The (Remarkably Successful) Marketing of Doom and Gloom

The media loves bad news because pain, horror, shock and drama sell. As the old media adage goes: if it bleeds, it leads. But does this perspective and outlook really define life as we know it. The trouble is we get lost in our own personal struggles and when it comes to the big picture, most PR, media relations and marketing campaigns focus on what we lack and what’s wrong in our lives. Are we truly all going to hell in a hand basket with no upsides? Let’s look a bit more deeply.

PR Follow-up Etiquette

After you’ve sent out your releases, give the media a day or two to read them, but don’t make the mistake of waiting for weeks, hoping for a call. Keep in mind you are going to have to make follow-up calls in order to launch an effective campaign, without them, PR and media placement is a shot in the dark.

4 (more) Secrets to Developing the Perfect PR Pitch

You might have a great story, but if you don’t know how to present it, you’re not going to grab the media’s attention. Remember what seems like a great story for you might not seem that way to the media. Building a great pitch for a TV segment or magazine article takes some time, thought and creativity. I covered some ways to develop a dynamite PR pitch in a previous article, take some time to review those but also keep the following tips in mind.

The Truth About Content Marketing

Content marketing has become a new buzzword. It’s spawned its own cottage industry; there are content marketing courses, experts, books, etc. Although I’m a big believer in content marketing, an important point to realize is that this form of marketing existed well before this term was coined and well before the internet became such a dominate force.

The Dangers of the New Media Landscape

Much of the media is going through tough financial times.  The danger here, particularly when it comes to hard news and investigative reporting, is if real news continues to lose ground to sensationalism and entertainment.  Offering entertainment 24/7 will result in a numbed and uninformed public.  Americans don’t want to be uninformed, but they don’t know what they don’t know.  If due to economic constraints the media fails to uncover stories of corruption both in government and the private sector, we all lose in a very big way.


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