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Why You Should Launch a PR Campaign in a Tough Economy

No one is going to buy your product or services if they don’t know it exists and this is particularly true in tough economic times. As counter intuitive as it might seem, the slow times are the times that you can’t afford to cut back in your marketing efforts. It has been documented that companies that increase their marketing efforts during a recession can improve their market share as well as their return on investment at lower costs than they can during good economic times. While the competition is out of sight and out of mind, you should be front and center.

Traditional plus Social Media: The Beauty Biz Success Secret

As with fashion and entertainment a beauty-oriented company needs to develop a strong brand in order to be truly successful and nothing is more effective for creating a powerful brand and brand awareness than PR and media relations. Through public relations your product or service is positioned as a news story, not as an ad or a commercial. Through the media, you are also positioned as an expert in the field, as a beauty guru.


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