4 (more) Secrets to Developing the Perfect PR Pitch

You might have a great story, but if you don’t know how to present it, you’re not going to grab the media’s attention. Remember what seems like a great story for you might not seem that way to the media. Building a great pitch for a TV segment or magazine article takes some time, thought and creativity. I covered some ways to develop a dynamite PR pitch in a previous article, take some time to review those but also keep the following tips in mind.

How To Revitalize and Transform Your Business

Often when change happens in a marketplace companies and business owners go into panic mode. It can be a daunting time for many businesses. Look at the music, publishing and DVD arenas. Seismic changes in those fields are causing businesses to falter and in many cases go under. If you don’t get into a mindset of change, you could remain stagnant, or worse yet, go backward. It’s time to view your business with new eyes. This isn’t always easy. We get locked in our business process and it’s hard to pull away from that gravity field. But if change is happening around you, you’d better be ready to transform. You never know what new opportunities are out there.


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