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I Know What the Media Wants

No one knows what the media wants because what they want is constantly changing. Don’t take for granted you are some kind of media maven. Remember, you’re going to succeed by learning how the media thinks, not by assuming you think they know what they want.

The PR Journey

Starting a public relations campaign is just that, a start. Don’t think you’ve learned all there is to know in a couple of months. Also, beware of the well meaning PR know-it-alls. Set a direction and stick to it.

I’m Not Interesting Enough to be in the Media

Think of your business as a separate entity that deserves respect and caring.
Remember, you are the only you around. No one does what you do quite like you do it. Whether you know it, or even want to believe it, you’re an original, you’re unique. So start viewing yourself that way. Public Relations can be used effectively to show the unique you.

The PR Advantage

PR is important in good times and essential in hard times. It is always important to promote, market, and advertise your business. The good news is that compared to other forms of marketing, PR is generally less expensive and always more validating


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