The Starving Artist Syndrome – Get Over It!

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.― Henry Ford

We’ve represented a wide range of clients since I launched my company over twenty years ago.  We’ve worked with professionals such as physicians and attorneys; we’ve represented spas, salons, and beauty products.  We’ve worked with fashion designers, musicians, film producers and authors.  We’ve also represented fine artists, painters and sculptors.

Some clients that we’ve worked with have often been launching a new company, struggling to get ahead and working to build their business.  Some have had obstacles to work through and overcome.  Our job has always been to work with them to help them achieve their goals.

Many of the artists we’ve worked with have been amazing clients and successes in their field.  They’ve been a pleasure to work with.  But (there usually seems to be a “but”, right?)  I have found that the fine art world still suffers from a syndrome that is specific to them – the Starving Artists Syndrome.   These particular artists contact me about marketing and PR and then spend the bulk of the conversation explaining their starving artist status.

I was prepared to find this belief in the art world.  It’s been rearing its head for a while.  What I was not prepared for was how many artists embraced it, wrapped themselves in it, and wore it as a badge of courage.  I don’t mean to sound heartless, but there are a number of people out there who revel in their starving artist status.  It’s who they are.  It’s what defines them.

To quote Michael Michalko, author of a number of books including Creative Thinkering: Putting your Imagination to Work, “The artist is not a special person… Every one of us is born a creative, spontaneous thinker. The only difference between people who are creative and people who are not is a simple belief.”  But often that belief brings with it a number of other incredibly destructive beliefs including those absurd notions that a life in the arts equates with a life filled with struggle, hardship, and ultimately, failure.

If you in any way identify with this starving artist definition, I have three words of advice – get over it! Shift your perspective, instead of describing yourself as a starving artist; see yourself as an artist entrepreneur.  This will require more than a definition change, but that is your starting place.  No one knows better than an artist that perception creates reality. Henry Ford, an artist in his own right, was on the mark when he said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”  Artists, take those words to heart.

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From Guest Blogger, Ann Convery: Want the Real Secrets of a Super Star? Ask Will Smith

FILM Smith 1Hi ,

Years ago, Will Smith was doing OK
as a rising TV star and movie actor.

But he was dead clear about his goal:
he wanted to be the biggest movie
star in the world.

So he and his manager studied
the 10 top-grossing movies of all time.

10 out of 10 had special effects.
9 out of 10 had special effects with creatures.
8 out of 10 had special effects with creatures and a love story.

They found the sweet spot in the market.

So they found a special effects script
with creatures and a love story.

Matthew Perry dropped out of
“Independence Day” at the last minute,
and Smith was in.

It was the highest grossing movie of 1996.

“Men in Black” didn’t do too badly either.

By age 44, Will Smith had accrued $4.4 Billion
in box office receipts.

What does this mean for you?

Will Smith’s success is no accident.
He studied the market and
made it happen.

Will Smith, and it might surprise you,
Elton John, Paul McCartney, and Mick Jagger
plotted their rise to the top.

If you want to go from where you are
to the top of your field, take this little test:

Have you actually studied your rise to the top?

Do you have a juicy, mouth-watering vision,
in living color, of what life will be like when you
get there?

Do you know what the sweet spot is
in your market?

Do you know what your market craves
and can’t get enough of?

Do you know what draws people to you and makes them
want you, you, you?

Do you know how to create that?

Think Will Smith. Bruce Willis. Tom Cruise.

Their star power is not an “accident of birth.”

Smith studied every actor, like Don Cheadle,
who came on “Fresh Prince” to learn the
secrets of what made them good.

Do you study the stars in your market
to see what makes them stand out?

Do you know how your market sees you now?

Do you know how to reposition
yourself for amazing success?

Do you have a mentor who can take
you there?

And by the way, you need that
juicy, mouth-watering vision from
the top right now.

Research proves that without a
crystal clear picture of your success,
you’ll never believe you can get there.

So you won’t have the motivation
to get going.

So you stay where you are.

Success is not fairy dust.

It’s more than hard work.

It’s a series of deliberate, planned, calculated,
shrewd moves.

If you answered “yes” to 8 out of
10 questions…

World – Stand back!

You’re on your way.


There’s 1 spot left in the Private Accelerator
Program for entrepreneurs who are hell-bent
on reaching the top.

If this is you, and you’ve got butterflies
just thinking about it –
Good sign.

Send a quick email to with “Ann, I’m interested” in the subject line.I
I’ll send you a one-page application so we can see if you’re a good fit for this high-octane ride.

Copyright © Ann Convery 2012

McMullen, Marion. “The Secret of Will Smith’s Success.” Photo. Coventry Telegraph12 Jun 2012. 27 Mar 2013. <;

A Message From Guest Blogger, Ann Convery: Discover the Biggest Mistake Made Every Day When Talking/Writing to Prospective Clients – Is it Losing you Money?

Curiosity, anticipation , desire and anxiety.

 These are the feeling states that will bring you more clients – anywhere, any time.

The secret language of desire.

Speak that language, and people will overcome any obstacle to work with you.

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You know you’re GREAT at what you do.

But do you still…

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Discover the core skill that will bring you more revenue for the rest of your life.

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Because no matter what business you’re 
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 prospects get it.  In their gut.

With the language of desire… they will.

All the best,
p.s.   Become “priceless” to those who need you.  
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Copyright © Ann Convery 2011

An American Renaissance

In the 1950’s the Soviet Union told the U.S. that they would bury us and that history was on their side.  In the 1980s everyone was convinced that Japan was about to eclipse the Unites States as the world economic power.  Now we’re told to make way to China.  Some argue for what is described as a multipolar world with many dominant forces, but most are betting that the scenario will be one in which China supplants the U.S. as the primary power in the global economy.

The difference this time around is that most Americans seem to buy into this prediction.  Gloom and doom seem to be the order of the day.  Yes we’re going through rough times, but as someone I was speaking to who came here from Eastern Europe recently told me, “You people have no idea how good you have it.  You’re worried about the unemployment rate rising.  When I grew up, I didn’t have running water!”  It’s true that many of us are going through truly horrendous times, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s also true that Americans truly don’t know how good they have it.

The American spirit seems to have changed.  In the past when these greatly exaggerated reports about America’s demise surfaced, we would scoff at them, not in a complacent way; it was a response that made us work harder and become even more productive and resilient.  Now it seems that we simply shrug and give way to what we see as the inevitable.  Yes, there are strong and compelling arguments as to why China could overtake us by 2030, but a lot has to fall into place for that prediction to come true. China has an aging population, and who knows how stable the Chinese government will be a few years down the line.  But, what I’m talking about has nothing to do with China.  The issue isn’t whether China is eclipsing the U.S; it’s whether American’s are now willing to be eclipsed.  We never were before.  We were the dreamers who made dreams come true, we were the beacon to the world, the land of opportunity.  People from all corners of the globe have risked their lives to land on these shores.

Maybe it’s the political polarization that has caused this shift.  One section of America is so busy warring with another that we’ve truly become a house divided.  It’s as though we’re fighting the civil war again, but it’s not physical carnage this time, it’s spiritual and emotional carnage.  We have become so focused on fighting one another that we’ve forgotten the immense power of a unified American.

It’s up to us.  The politicians are locked in a 24/7 reelection strategy.  The system is set up so that no sooner does a politician get office than his or her focus is on how to stay there, as opposed to how to truly serve the country.  Yes, we need them to act wisely, but if we simply wait for them, we’re in trouble.  This is still America.  Not that long ago, during the boom of the 1990’s, we were growing at an amazing 2.7% per head.  We can do it again.

So what does all of this have to do with PR or with launching a public relations campaign?  A lot actually.  If collectively we shift the narrative from why the U.S. is on an unstoppable downward spiral, my bet is we can move forward.  If we change our perspective and focus on why America is once again going to thrive and on building, creating and growing a vibrant economy – we win!   It’s time for an American renaissance.  As a nation that’s been our staple.  We specialize in new starts, new beginnings.  Why stop now?

Copyright © Anthony Mora 2011


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