The Starving Artist Syndrome – Get Over It!

We’ve represented a wide range of clients since I launched my company over twenty years ago. We’ve worked with professionals such as physicians and attorneys; we’ve represented spas, salons, and beauty products. We’ve worked with fashion designers, musicians, film producers and authors. We’ve also represented fine artists, painters and sculptors.

An American Renaissance

In the 1950’s the Soviet Union told the U.S. that they would bury us and that history was on their side. In the 1980s everyone was convinced that Japan was about to eclipse the Unites States as the world economic power. Now we’re told that soon China will supplant the U.S. as the primary power in the global economy. The difference this time around is that most Americans seem to buy into this prediction. Gloom and doom seem to be the order of the day. Not that long ago, during the boom of the 1990’s, we were growing at an amazing 2.7% per head. We can do it again. It’s time for an American renaissance. As a nation that’s been our staple. We specialize in new starts, new beginnings. Why stop now?


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