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Producing A Film? Create Your PR Plan First

Making a film can be a magical experience, but many film makers get so excited about and engrossed in the making of their film that they forget producing their film is only step one. Creating the film becomes everything. But here’s the question, what are you going to do once your film is completed. How are you going to get your film, promoted, marketed, distributed? How are you going to build that bridge between your finished product and your audience? You’ve out your heart, soul, time and money into you film project. You now owe it to the film and to yourself to give it a chance to succeed.

Promoting Your Movie via the Media

You see your job as director or producer (or both) but not as marketer. Well, if you want to maximize your chances of getting your film out there, it’s time to get comfortable with this new role. As a filmmaker, this is an exciting time. Now more than ever you can take steps that can help ensure the success of your projects and your careers. Be bold. Go for it.

Launching Your Independent Film Online

The traditional film production/distribution/marketing model is dramatically shifting, yet with change comes opportunity.  With online marketing, social media and blogging, you now have it in your hands to create a buzz, develop a following and even distribute your film.  Work like the independent filmmaker you are, but think like a savvy marketer.  Think of the different ways you can create interest; humor, sex, controversy, fright – stuff that blows up – all of that sells. Use it!

How to Use PR to Launch Your Independent Film

The film world has been going through seismic changes.  The studios are creating urgency through marketing that all but forces the public to consume.  So, why not take a page from their playbook?  You can’t compete with them budget-wise, but you can jump into the game with creativity, savvy and some marketing know-how.  PR can help build an audience, attract investors, interest distributors and position you and your film to succeed. 


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