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A How-To Press Release Review

When launching a PR or media relations campaign, your press release is your calling card. If it’s well done it will tell a compelling story, interest the media and make the reader want to know more. It will be more about the story than it will be a biography of you or your company. Remember the old adage facts tell, stories tell.

How Public Relations Can Turbo-Charge Your Marketing Campaign

How does PR help turbo charge your overall marketing campaign? It is perhaps the most effective way you can build your brand. An effective public relations campaign offers you: 1) Prominence By Association, 2) Mass Communication and
3) Validation. You can then utilize your PR coverage in your other marketing efforts from social media and blogging to direct marketing and advertising. It will bring the credibility and validation that only public relations can offer.

How To Ignite a PR Campaign & Land Media Coverage 

If you think you know what the media wants, chances are you’re wrong. You’re most likely focusing on what you want and hoping that the media reacts the same way. But that’s where the disconnect comes in. We’re generally so thrilled by our idea, project, company, product or service that we’re sure the rest of the world, particularly the media, will react the same way. But, that’s generally not how it works. The trick is to be creative, give it a hook, an angle or an approach that is focused on the media’s needs. Turn it from a sales pitch into a news story.

Public Relations for Artists

PR for artists is an art in itself. Effective public relations comes down to compelling storytelling; the more compelling the story, the more effective the PR campaign. As an artist, your responsibility is creating the best work you can. The trouble is, particularly now in the age of social media, it’s often difficult to realize that creating your work is step one. In the real world, it’s not where your job ends if you want your art to reach your audience.

The Secrets of Fiction For PR Success

I began as a fiction writer and then moved into journalism. From there I found my way to PR. It wasn’t a career path I was thinking of taking, it more or less was a process that evolved. But, whether I’m writing fiction, journalism or for public relations campaigns, the basic tenants remain the same. It all comes down to a good, compelling story. You need to develop a strong story with a compelling narrative, but you also need to know when to pitch it and who to pitch it to. In other words you need to know your audience.

How PR Drove Facebook’s IPO

Sometimes an amazingly effective PR campaign can be a dangerous thing. Take Facebook for example. The company raised the price range for its IPO to $34 to $38 a share, from $28 to $35 a share. That illustrates how the media frenzy has hungry investors biting at the bit for this offering. Its success and growth have been astronomical; still that doesn’t necessarily justify such aggressive valuations. And that’s where the media and PR frenzy comes into play. From newspaper and magazine articles to radio and TV segments Facebook’s IPO has been a front page story for weeks.

PR Secrets for Your Online Business

During the dot.com heyday, many e-commerce companies did advertising overkill which cost-wise had a tendency to kill their business; most ignored or under-utilized the immense power and effectiveness of a well-targeted media relations campaign. Many figured that the more money they threw into an ad campaign, the more successful they’d have. But in the 3.0 world of marketing it’s a mix of social media, marketing and traditional PR that offers the most successful form of marketing. Marketing has come full circle. Once again it is all about the story.

Who Benefits Most From PR and Media Relations?

One huge mistake when it comes to PR and media relations is thinking that it only helps those that are already established. Not true, PR can be like bank loans; those that need them the least are the ones that get them. That’s why public relations is so vitally important for companies that want to grow, reach their target market, and land more clients or customers. PR offers the validation and credibility of being featured in the news. It presents entrepreneurs and companies as premiere in the field. It opens doors, builds businesses and establishes brands.

The PR Trust Factor: Your Greatest Marketing Edge

PR, specifically media relations, could well be the most misunderstood form of marketing there is. On the other hand, when a public relations campaign works it is the most effective form of marketing available. People trust the news and the trust factor is what any business strives hard to achieve in the marketplace. People tend to hire ad work with companies they trust, and public relations is what builds brands and creates trust.


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