Media Facts: You Think Editors Have Time to Read?

When launching a PR campaign, remember this is truly a case where less is more.  The less editors or producers have to read, the better the chances they’ll actually read it.  You want your information to be concise, to the point and interesting.  Even though you may be sending your release to a magazine editor, the ironic truth is that that editors have no time to read press releases.  He or she is busy trying to get stories assigned and produced or published.  If you send a four-or -five-page release, no matter how impeccable it looks or how perfect the grammar or form is – no one’s going to want, or have the time, to read it.

It all comes down to your story; is your pitch interesting, exciting?  Will it meet the media’s needs?  If not, don’t mail it, fax it, e-mail it or let it leave your office.  Start again.
Do your homework.  Put yourself in the media’s place and come up with a story idea that will grab their attention.

Your stories don’t have to always be different or unique, put you do need to present them in the right way.  For example, let’s say you own a hair salon, and it’s getting near the end of the year.  Write a “New Look For The New Year” release in which you outline how you can give clients a new, personalized look to start the New Year with a fresh start.  You might even want to invite the media to follow a client through the before and after process.  The media always needs holiday stories.  This way the media comes away with a visually interesting holiday story, and you come away with an effective piece which establishes you as an innovator in your field.

Remember, you’re not trying to reinvent the wheel or come up with a completely unique idea or pitch each time.  You are trying to come up with useable, interesting story ideas that meet the media’s needs; meet their needs and in turn, you’ll meet your’s.  They’ll end up with a compelling story and you’ll garner coverage for your business and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Copyright  Anthony Mora 2010


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