To Sheen or to Tebow: The Celebrity PR Dilemma

The actor and warlock Charlie Sheen has emerged from the ashes in a big way. The ex Two and a Half Men star has reemerged as a commercial hit. Sheen could have unwittingly devised a whole new gameplan for celebrities who are having trouble landing commercials or endorsements. Not that wholesomeness and apple pie are complexly off the radar. Tim Tebow represents the counterpart to this Sheen PR strategy.

PR for Fashion Designers

Public relations is an important marketing component for nearly any company or product, but when it comes to fashion, beauty or style, an effective PR campaign is not an option, it’s a necessity.

Controlling Your Media Image: Why Many Celebrities Fail

Generally those who have the most trouble trying to utilize the media are those that have no real idea how it works. Simply because someone is a celebrity or head of state and has been continually highlighted in the media doesn’t mean he or she truly understands the inner workings of the press. Interacting with the media isn’t something that should be taken lightly. There are inherent dangers in carelessly playing the media game, and being a celebrity or a “star” does not immune you. In fact, the bull’s-eye on your back is all the bigger.

The Charlie Sheen Media Saga: Is Violence Against Women Really Okay?

Perhaps the strangest aspect of the whole Charlie Sheen media storm, at least from my perspective, is that the furor has been about his drug use and his tirades against his producer. Don’t get me wrong, those aren’t good things, but physically and verbally abusing women, seem like activities that should be a bit higher on the outrage meter. Yet Sheen always appears to get a pass when it comes to those behaviors.

The Tom Cruise/Les Grossman Image Dilemma

He’s not the Tom Cruise of old. It’s not a return to Mission Impossible, but he is giving his comeback a heck of a shot. And this is indeed a comeback. He’ll never get back to being the go-to, number one film star in the world, nor will having him in a film any longer guarantee a box-office smash, but he remains a star. Les Grossman is an interesting approach, but is it what we want to see?


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