Apple’s PR Nightmare

Recently Apple reported one of the most incredible earning results on record. In the last quarter of 2011, Apple made a $13 billion dollar profit, meaning that the company more than doubled its earnings in the same period in 2010. This is amazing news for the company, a true business and PR coup and yet if you were to do an internet search for Apple during the past few weeks, its earnings would most likely not be the story you’d be reading about.

The Steve Jobs Factor

Although I never really realized it, I’ve been talking about Steve Jobs on almost a daily basis for the last several years. Whenever I’d talk to a prospective client or review a campaign with a new employee or teach an intern about how PR really woks, Jobs is who I’d point to. Jobs didn’t only brand Apple, he branded Steve Jobs. It was genius, the campaigns mirrored each other. His PR focus was not on price point, but on innovation, design and excellence. His campaigns were a mixture of entertainment, information and elegance. Until someone else does it better, his approach remains the gold standard.


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