How to Find Prospects and Clients Using PR

The best way to find clients is to actually have them find you. It’s a very different conversation when prospective clients contact you than when you make cold calls or initiate conversations with prospects who don’t know who you are. Think of how different it would be for a client to call and ask if he or she could hire you. That would be a truly motivated client.

How To Successfully Sell

What are the elements of a successful sales call? There are two, 1) know your information and your product or service, 2) understand the specific needs of each prospect you talk to, and address them. Nothing will lose you a sale quicker than sticking to a basic script while your prospect is not interested in going down that road. The objective is to make it an organic process. As you speak to prospects you are gaining information on who they are, what their needs are, how they communicate and how they think.

Why It’s Important To Define A Target Market For Your Business

Before you’ve developed your product or service, know who you’re selling it to. Define your market, but also make sure that there is a real need or call for the product or service you’re selling. The upside is that knowing who your clients and customers are helps you define your promotional approach. It also lets you know where to market, what language to use and what marketing mix to utilize.

Eat Pray Sell – & then Pray Again

Eat  Pray  Love is supposed to be about finding ones self, finding love, peace, God.  Initially one would think that would be a good message for these tough economic times.  People are having a rough time making ends meet.  The nation as a whole has had to do collective belt tightening.  The story of a woman who eschews material wealth in search of what truly matters in life is perfect for these times.  But that’s not quite the message behind Eat Pray Love.

How To Get People To Buy Your Product or Service

Creating the product, making the film, publishing the book, opening the store, or (fill in the blank) is just one step in the process. Think of it as one chapter and one chapter does not a book make. Follow these steps and develop a workable effective marketing gameplan. Now you can launch your business, land customers, make money – and actually sleep at night.

How Much Time Should You Spend Marketing Your Business?

How much time you should spend on marketing is a question every business owner needs to answer.  The tricky part is there is no one-fits-all answer.  Maximize your marketing by creating a synergistic marketing program.  Spending all of your budget on a one-time ad or commercial is not a marketing plan, but a Vegas style gamble.  If you’re working on a tight budget, consider a marketing mix that includes public relations, social media, and blogging.  Approach marketing as an essential.  Err on the side of marketing more rather than less.  It will pay off in the long run.

Working on the Media’s Timetable

Remember that the media works on their own timetable. Although you often have time to plan and arrange your schedule to do an interview, that’s not always going to be the case. There will be times that a producer or editor schedules an interview at a time that is inconvenient, or reschedules it at the last minute, forcing you to scramble and change your plans. My advice – do it! Always keep your objective in mind. Your objective is to build your business, to create success through media exposure.


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