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The Currency of Cool

For the last few months I’ve been listening exclusively to classical music.  I don’t mean classic, as in classic rock.  It hasn’t been a steady dose of Cream, Hendrix and Traffic, I mean Classical as in Beethoven, Chopin and Debussy. … Read More ›

I Tried Marketing & PR: It Didn’t Work!

My last article focused how even the most well meaning PR advice can send you in the wrong direction. You’re bound to run into some people who have had negative marketing experiences and will use their personal experiences to try and direct you in your business choices. The trouble with that type of advice is that it’s completely subjective. There are also times when the process actually is working, but it doesn’t fit in with how they expect the process to work, so they assume it’s simply a waste of time. Let’s review some media relations issues that might be confronting, but still might not be what they appear.

How The Rolling Stones Launched My PR Career

How did the Rolling Stones launch my career in public relations? Glad you asked. We have to go back a few years to get the whole story. When I was in high school, my sister’s boyfriend handled the music column for a small local newspaper. Trouble was that whereas he liked going to concerts and doing interviews, he hated writing, which was where I came in. I loved rock & roll almost as much as I loved writing. So the deal was that if he agreed to let me tag along to concerts, I’d write the articles for him. The first one was (and here’s where I start dating myself) the Yardbirds. I was excited since, along with Hendrix, Jeff Beck was one of my guitar heroes. But, as luck would have it, Jeff Beck missed the show and Jimmy Paige was the guitarist that day. Although I’ve never forgiven Paige, that wasn’t a bad place to start my rock journalism career. I wrote several articles as a ghostwriter and as time went on, I started to strike out on my own. Over the years I was able to cover quite a few acts from the Yardbirds and the Kinks to Cream and Hendrix, to Dylan and Neil Young and later to X and Tom Petty; not bad work if you can get it.

Is September The Best Month to Launch a PR Campaign?

Is September really the best month to launch a PR campaign? In a word, yes. Depending on your needs and on your business, any month could be the best month to launch a campaign, but all things being equal, there is no better month than September to do your launch. Well to be honest, I’d probably suggest launching in August, but September is probably the optimum month. Why? Read on.


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