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How to Market Your Business With Twitter

Marketing directly to consumers has become easier than ever before, thanks to the innovation of social media tools. One of the most accessible, effective, and fun ways to market your business is through Twitter. The social media platform’s brevity (tweets are limited to a 140 character maximum) and real-time practicality can provide your business with unique marketing experiences, inspiring consumers to learn about your products and other companies to do business with you. That it’s free to use doesn’t hurt either.

The Art of Success

As an artist, you never know what is going to grab the media’s attention. That’s why your best bet is to do the work you love and then tailor your marketing to fit your artwork. I’m not a believer in trying to figure out what‘s going to entice the media, or coming up with the next big thing. Film companies and TV networks have tried that approach for years and you’ve seen what their track record is like.


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