A Time of (Self) Reflection or Improvement

Party animalSo, yet another article that has absolutely nothing to do with marketing or PR on TopStory PR this week..  This could be a new trend.

The New Year is an interesting time.  For one thing, I know that I’ll be seeing a lot of new faces at the gym and then in a month it will be back to seeing the same old crew again.

Most of us will make pronouncements to ourselves and to others of the changes we’ll make and will gradually forget them as we get wrapped up in that thing we call life.

Maybe, instead of making this New Year a time of pronouncements and resolutions, we can try making it a time of reflection (just for the heck of it), and not the type of reflection we’re programed to do, i.e.

How can I:

Lose more weight

Make more money

Be more successful

Buy more stuff

Impress more people

But maybe try -

How can I:

Feel more serenity

Feel more peaceful

Laugh more

Take more time for me and my loved ones.

Or better yet, down time and reflection without any agenda whatsoever

Maybe just taking some time to feel (something that seems to generally get lost in the hustle and bustle of trying to build, achieve, grow, improve, etc.)

Not that there’s anything wrong with any of the above.  But we often seem to get stuck in that gear called striving as life flies by.

So instead of making the New Year a time to focus on self-improvement, perhaps make this one a time of self-reflection.

And you can’t do that by striving and working and trying.

You can do that by simply being.

Not easy, but I’ll try it if you will.

Then we can all get back to that striving business.  Or maybe not.

Happy New Year!

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