A Holiday Gratitude Blog? But My Timing Belt Just Broke

GratitudeI was sitting in my car waiting for the red light to change and I began thinking that for the holiday season my new blog post would not be a how-to public relations piece, or a marketing piece, but an article on gratitude.  What better for the holidays and heading into the New Year, than an article on being grateful?

The light turned green and I put my foot on the accelerator and – nothing. 

 I tried again and again – nothing.

The car was in the middle lane of a busy Los Angeles intersection and it was dead.  I put on the emergency blinkers.  Got out made a call to triple A. 

I then stood and watched as my car sat with the emergency lights blinking in the middle of a busy L.A. street as cars honked and people yelled.  After about 20 minutes, the tow truck arrived.

I had it taken to a mechanic about two buildings down from my office and went to work while waiting for the verdict, hoping said verdict would be something along the lines of a defective fuel pump – or anything along those lines. 

Nope.  It was a timing belt.  It would take at least two days to fix and the mechanic would have to get back to me with the quote, but it wasn’t going to be inexpensive. 

My wife was out of town and her car was in the shop, so I had to rent one.  Being the holidays, the rental company was swamped and securing the rental pretty much took the rest of my day.  My work day had pretty much been shot, my car was down, the diagnosis wasn’t looking good and I was driving a rental. 

As I came to a stop light sitting in my rented car, I thought do I really want to write an article on gratitude when my car just broke down a couple of days before Christmas, setting me back a good amount and ruining my day going from repair shop to car rental?  Is this really a time to write a piece on gratitude, when I’m feeling angry and sorry for myself and …?

The more I thought about it, the clearer the answer became. 

This is precisely the time for me to write a piece on gratitude.

To start, I have a car.  Then I was able to have it towed to a shop that could repair it and was able to rent a car to keep me moving, while my car was being repaired.  My car gave out about a mile from my office in mid-morning.  That night I had driven to a very congested area on a cold (well L. A. cold) night.  If it had gone down then, no repair shop and no rental company would have been open.  Also, a repair that could have ended up costing me thousands, cost me hundreds.   Not great news, but certainly beat the alternative.

I had business I had to catch up on, but I have business.  I had a home to go back to and food to eat.  I have a wife I love, a great family, remarkable employees, wonderful clients and am filming a project based on one of my plays.

I was going to spend the weekend, catching up on work, decorating the house for the holidays and watching an inordinate amount of football. 

I have much to be thankful for. 

With that in mind, I’m glad my car is running again, might be time for a new one.  That could be my holiday gift to me. 

For everything I have listed (and more that I haven’t) I am extremely grateful. 

Next year we’ll get back to articles on public relations, marketing, publicity, media relations and more.  For now we’ll focus on the season of gratitude. 

So, what are you grateful for? 

Write down a list. 

Think of the big things, the little things, the things you too often take for granted.

Then let’s all say a collective thank you.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Copyright © Anthony Mora Communications 2013


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