Working Your PR

Meet the pressA few years ago, we worked with a client who had landed some media before starting with us.  I asked her if she could bring some of the articles and TV interviews she had been featured in.  As it turned out she didn’t have any.  She had not kept one.  From her perspective, the media coverage was nice, but she didn’t consider what a powerful tool it would be for her down the line.  So in a sense, media-wise, we were starting from scratch.  Which was a shame; we didn’t need to be.

That was pre internet.  Now you have a shot at finding some of the media you’ve been featured in, but not all.  And if you’ve been featured in a newspaper or a magazine, you want the link, but you also want a hardcopy.  Whether you’ve launched a media campaign in the past, or have been fortunate to have a print article or TV segment come to you, all of your media coverage is a part of your PR and marketing arsenal.

Each media placement is a tool.  You want to be media savvy and utilize it.

There are people who have garnered a great deal of press coverage, but have done nothing with it.  They didn’t incorporate their public relations in their promotions, or make it a part of their overall marketing strategy.  They didn’t use their PR in their ads, or direct marketing material or in their social media outreach.

That’s like sticking money under your mattress and never taking it out.

If you use it correctly, media not only begets media, it also enhances all of your other marketing efforts, from social media and online marketing, to traditional advertising to direct marketing.

Throughout the next few weeks, I’ll be posting some tips and tricks of the trade on how to successfully utilize your PR efforts and media coverage.

Stay tuned!

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