Can team Cook and Ahrendts rekindle the Magic of Steve Jobs

cr50-pg8-Angela-Ahrendts-060611Apple hasn’t been the same since the passing of Steve Jobs.   What company would be?  Many say the company it’s losing its magic touch, now that the Visionary in Chief is gone.  Jobs wasn’t only a visionary and a shrewd CEO, he was a marketing and PR genius.  He was able to make his Apple launches highly anticipated media events.  Events that we haven’t seen since.

In an effort to bring back some of the magic, Apple announced the appointment of Angela Ahrendts, the CEO of Burberry.  Quite an interesting move on the part of Apple’s Tim Cook.  Cook inherited an amazing company, but all in all a thankless job.  It wouldn’t be easy to replace Mick Jagger, and that in essence was what he was chosen to do.

Yes, he had to keep all of the inner workings of the company on track.  The business of the business, so to speak, had to remain at a high level, but Apple was also one of the world top media acts.  An Apple launch was not dissimilar to the release of a blockbuster film, or a rock concert extravaganza.  All three depend on the pull of a charismatic front person.  A Lady Gaga concert, sans Lady Gaga wouldn’t be much of a draw.  In essence that’s now what Apple is left with.

Angela Ahrendts is charismatic, but will she be able to fill the shoes left by Jobs?  Will it be a team approach?  The Tim Cook Angela Ahrendts show.  Neither are similar to Jobs, nor are they similar to one another.  Will the two complement or contrast each other’s style?

So what does this mean for the future of Apple?  Jobs was a unique obsessed, determined, relentless force.  No one will replace him.  The answer is going to lie in whether this duo can pave their own unique marketing and PR path, so that they keep the company run inning on all cylinders but also fill that promotional vacuum that Steve Jobs left.    Will they have the PR savvy to rekindle the magic? Will this new team find a way to reclaim the thrill and anticipation that Jobs brought, or will it slowly slide becoming just another tech company in a continual market share battle with the likes of Samsung, and Google.

Casting Ben Affleck as Batman caused dismay in the ranks of the Batman faithful; we’ll see how that eventually plays out at the box-office.  Similarly, will recasting Jobs with the team of Cook and Ahrendts satisfy the rabid legions of Apple faithful?

Time will tell.

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Bruell, Alexandra. “CEO, Chief Creative Officer, Burberry.” Photo.  CREATIVITY. 05 Jun 2011. 17 Oct 2013. <;

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