Timing Is Everything: When to Post to Social Media

iStock_000001319338XSmallThe leaps and bounds of social media platforms seem to be in constant flux. In fact, Facebook has become somewhat of a grandfather to the continued springing up of so many other choices out there. However, plugging in to this plethora can be hard for even experienced social media marketers and PR professionals. That’s why whether you’re uploading a viral marketing videos or tweeting about a new promotion, timing is everything when it comes to posting to social media.

Try some of the below tips when it comes to getting your message out there and you just may raise an eyebrow at the response; plus for all you business savvy folks, chew on this Forbes report:

“In 2012, 78.6% of sales people using social media to sell out-performed those who weren’t using social media.”

Time’s a Wastin’

The group consensus on the best times to post is broken down into days of the week and time of day along with days and times that should be avoided. Overall, it seems that most social media sites are checked throughout the day and not as much, unexpectedly, at night. Here’s the breakdown:


  • Best Posting Time: 1pm-4pm
  • Best Posting Day: Wednesday
  • Forget Nights: Posting between 8pm-8am is useless
  • You will get lost in the sauce if you post on weekends


  • Best Tweet Time: 1pm-3pm
  • Best Tweet Days: Monday through Thursday
  • Again, forget nights and early morn, 8pm-9am
  • TGINF: Than God It’s Not Friday which is the worst day to Tweet.


  • Best Business LinkedIn Times: 7am-9am or 5pm-6pm
  • Best Business LinkedIn Days: Tuesday through Thursday
  • Don’t post between 10pm-6am (you will look desperate).
  • Monday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday; no one wants to be too plugged in these days.


  • Best Time to tap into this growing site: 9am-11am
  • Stay away from night posting between 6pm-8am
  • At this point in the infancy of Google+ (launched in 2011) these times seem to apply to everyday although it may be wise to stick to weekdays (especially Tuesday thru Thursday).


  • Pinterest best times are late times: 2pm-4pm or 8pm-1am (forget mornings).
  • Believe it or not Saturday’s are this site’s day.
  • No go between 5pm-7pm as it seems like Pinterest peers are eating dinner.

Remember, these are standard social media posting times and days. It is important that you know your customers to determine if they may fit this model. If you are targeting a specific site or product that would be more attractive to night owls then attempt your postings accordingly. However, this is a good jumping off point for a mainstream protocol.

Who’s Using What?

Each social media platform has its own particular user. Facebook has more women than men (approximately 57%) as well as older plug-ins ranging between 45 or older (about 46%). LinkedIn is 49% male and female late forty to early fifty year olds and Twitter works mostly with female (59%) 25-44 year olds (about 58%). Google+ is a young male user site with approximately 71% men 24 years old and younger logged on while Pinterest runs predominantly female (82%) with 55% 34 and younger.

Track Attack

Employ an analytics tool to find out when, where, and by whom your posts are being accessed. This technology has revolutionized marketing with the ability to surgically target everything from demographics to best days and times. Some programs allow you to set up automatic postings according your specific potential consumers, fans, etc. as well as choose the most effective social media platform over another.

Stay on top of this ever-changing medium using continuously fresh postings on a daily to weekly basis. Be your own marketing detective using the specific days and times above to teach yourself what works and what doesn’t. Once you have a good idea of when to post to social media you will have the potential to draw in a whole new customer base.

Sara Collins is a writer for NerdWallet, a personal finance site that helps consumers stay informed about the best deals online.

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