3 Surprising Keys to Creating An Unforgettable Brand

From Guest Blogger, Ann Convery, writer of The Revenue Reflex Blog:

What do you do to stand out in your crowd?

Here are three surprising keys to being an unforgettable You.


 Madonna doesn’t identify with Madonna.  She works for her.

(Remember Madonna was studied at Harvard Business School as a brilliant marketer).

Marilyn Monroe was walking down 42nd St. huddled against the rain, when a friend mentioned her latest movie.

“Oh,” she said, “you want to see Her?” And without changing a thing, this wet bedraggled woman turned It on.

Within minutes she was in a stampede.


Just the opposite.

It means bringing out that huge, authentic, possibly wild self inside, and turning up the heat to a “10.”

This huge, charismatic self is your persona.

This is not a facade.  It’s being YOU, on purpose.

It’s not the you that guzzles coffee in your pj’s.

It is the you that lights up a crowd because you’re so definite, so real, and so powerful, that you turn heads as you pass.

So who are you?

A leader, artist, rebel, teacher, thought leader, guide, a safety net, a best friend, a cheerleader, the Guy or Gal on speed-dial, the Golden Girl or Guy?

If you think you can’t share your private story, think again.

If you’re a coach, expert, or any kind of leader, your real story – yes, that one – will draw people to you in a way that nothing else can.

And it’s the rocket fuel that can push your business through the roof.


What gives you an edge?

Push it.

What opinion do you wish you could share, but it might scare people away?

Share it.

What about you bothers some people?

Bring it on.

Do not be afraid to turn some people off.

You will turn the right ones on.

Suzanne Evans is constantly offered diet plans.

“Fat is part of my brand!” she yells.

“When I want a diet I’ll get one!”

Are you trying to be all things to all people?

Stop it.  You’re a wallflower.

What clothes define the most powerful you?

Wear them.

Does something piss you off?

Let us know.

Are you afraid of your own power?

Test your limits.

Do know you know you have to work on your brand?

It doesn’t just “happen.”

What’s the point of all this?

If you’re not leading, you’re chasing.

Stop chasing.  It’s a treadmill.

Apple chased Microsoft for 20 years.

Few people wanted Cool Computers in the 80s.

But when the market wanted cool phones and ipads?

Apple’s core genius struck gold.  And they exploded.

By the way, Steve Jobs was one of the brilliant few who made the message as important as the product.

That’s Brand Genius.


Really make them feel.

So they can’t get enough of You.

Give them that real, authentic story you think no one wants to hear..

Your market is waiting for you to pick up that torch.

It’s your turn in the spotlight.

Take it.

Copyright © Anthony Mora Communications 2013

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