How To Launch A PR Campaign in 2013

iStock_000006123578_MediumLaunching a PR campaign can be a tricky proposition.  Although each campaign is different and unique, there are basic steps that we follow, which could serve as a basic blueprint.

We begin by setting up a brainstorming session with the client.  Before the session, we send the client a questionnaire to review, which we use as a guideline.  The session can be in person on over the phone.

The purpose is to review the client’s history, expertise, stories, media angles, etc.  I generally have an account executive who will be working with me on the campaign on the call with me.

Once we finish the session, we write the initial press release(s) which we send to clients for approval.

We then build the specific media lists to approach.  The list will include magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, online publications, blogs, etc.

Once the client approves the release, we start approaching the various media outlets.

Except in special situations, we generally do not use paid wire services.

We target our proprietary media list.  Here is where experience and having contacts and ongoing relationships with the media can be real assets.

Once the media has been contacted, we then make follow up calls to each editor, writer or producer; the follow up phone calls are how most of the stories and interviews are placed.

Initially we target the national media, Los Angeles, and New York.  We then approach the more general and regional oriented media.

We focus on L.A. and New York, because they help create a media buzz and influence the national media.

If there is a local focus to the campaign, the initial media lists and outreach will be targeted to the local and regional media.

Even with locally based campaigns, we’ll launch a national outreach.  I’m a big believer in reaching out to the national media even on a local story.  It can be tricky and the story has to be presented in the right way, but it can be done.

Depending on the client and the campaign, there are various media outlets to consider including sports and fitness publications, women’s magazines, trade publications, TV talk shows, TV morning shows, business-oriented publications, entertainment oriented publications and TV programs, general interest media, etc.  Overall, we have in thousands of media contacts in our database.

It’s important to modify the pitch for the various media outlets.  A pitch that would work for the Dr. Oz, would generally need to be modified for People, Allure, USA Today, or to a local or regional media outlet.

It’s also important to understand that each media outlet has its own lead time.  A nightly news show is reporting breaking stories; newspapers are timely, but not as immediate as live TV, weekly publications deal with current stories, but not

It’s equally important to understand that each media outlet has its own particular needs; which means, even though you can develop one main pitch or release, you need to know how to modify them to meet the needs of the various outlets.

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