The #1 Secret to a Successful Public Relations Campaign

Young businesswoman whispering something to her colleagueMost people think that once they hire a PR firm, they’re job is over.  They pay their fee and wait.  Or they pay their fee, call to check in on the firm and then wait.

Well that’s one approach, but it’s a poor one.

If you are:

Working with a PR firm,

Launching a PR campaign,

Or considering hiring a public relations company to launch a PR campaign you need to read this.


Because, I’m going to tell you the number one PR success secret.

This is the primary reason that PR campaigns succeed or fail.

What is that secret, you ask?

Street Interview in TokyoYou!

Your involvement in your media relations campaign is essential, if you expect to succeed.

And by involvement I don’t mean calling your PR firm to see how the campaign is progressing.

By involvement I mean developing a working partnership with your firm, helping them come up with story ideas, getting out of your comfort zone and helping set up events or presentations, or approaches that the media will respond to.

Your firm knows what the media wants, but you know your business.  Working together you can develop pitches and story angles that meet the media’s needs, and also meets your needs.

This often means looking at your business or company with fresh eyes, stepping outside, getting out of your comfort zone.

You need to be open to ideas and events that aren’t generally the norm for you.

An effective PR campaign is a collaborative effort.  A PR firm can do its job, what it cannot do is your job.

I’ll be following up with some examples of how clients can successfully work with their public relations firms to implement incredibly successful PR campaigns.

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