What To Do Once You Land A Media Interview

936313_10151357079912061_1679321435_nTo start, be happy.  You’ve achieved an important objective.  But you don’t want to simply show up for an interview without preparation.  This is an opportunity you want to fully maximize.  The following few days we’ll be outlining a media check list, reviewing all of the points that you need to consider before appearing in front of the camera.  The visual points are obviously geared towards a TV appearance, These points are essential to consider before doing any type of interview, whether print, radio, TV or online.    Some of these points are basic, but you’d be surprised how many people forget the basics when doing an interview.

1)  Review the two or three primary points that you want to get across during the interview.

2) Make sure you’ve checked yourself in a mirror before you go on camera.  Is your hair in place?  Is your tie crooked?  Is your lipstick smeared?  Give yourself the basic once-over.

3)  Relax.  You are there to have a conversation.  Well, at least you want it to look like a conversation.

4) No slouching.  Sit with good posture.

5) Focus on the interviewer.  The camera and crew is part of the furniture as far as you’re concerned.

6)  Remember, you don’t have to force the information; weave your points into the interview.  If you spend your time forcing an issue, it will come out sounding strained and stilted.

Nope, you’re not done yet.  We’ve just started.  To be continued…

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Anthony Mora began his media career as a journalist and magazine editor. In 1990, Anthony formed Anthony Mora Communications, Inc., a Los Angeles-based public relations company that has placed clients in: Time, Newsweek, 60 Minutes, CNN, USA Today, Oprah, The New York Times, Vogue, and other media. Anthony, who is the author of “Spin to Win," has been featured in: USA Today, Newsweek, The New York Times, , The Wall Street Journal, The BBC, CNN, Fox News, and other media outlets.

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