Marketing and Branding Tips for Style and Fashion

katie-holmes-topless-allure-cover-april-2013When launching any type of line in the fashion, style or jewelry world, your first step is to identify your target market.  Who are your customers?  What else do they buy?  How do they perceive themselves?  How will your line complement and enhance who they are.  Remember you’re not selling a product; you’re selling a lifestyle, a feeling, an approach to life.  You’re selling that magic that helps distinguish your customers form everyone else.  Know your market.  Study it.  Where do they shop?  What do they read?  What do they watch?  What social media sites do they utilize?  Have a specific customer in mind and study how to best reach them and market to them.

Be realistic, if your line would sell well in Target, that’s great.  Understand that.  Know those customers.  Know what motivates them.  But don’t design for Target while thinking your customers shop at Tiffany’s.  Drill down and get rid of any disconnect between the reality of your brand and the fantasy of what you might feel it should be.

Create a distinctive line that allows you to build a distinctive brand.  Don’t be different simply for the sake of being different.  That never works.  But do find a way to create a signature style.  Reflect who you are through your work so that you can separate yourself from the competition.  Be organic in your approach. Be authentic.  That will resonate.

Study other designs, other lines and collections.  This isn’t in order to copy but to get a sense of where the market is going and to get a feel of your competition.  Know what’s out there.

Contact some boutiques.  Show your excitement about your line and let them know that you will help market not only your products but the boutique as well in your outreach.

Market, Market Market!

Develop a quality, attractive website and keep it updated.

Create a blog.

Approach other blogs that are in your field.

Use the various social media platforms.  Engage with your audience.

When possible offer giveaways, hold contests.

Keep the word out there about your designs and your brand and encourage others to spread the word.

Launch a public relations campaign.  Articles about you, your line, your designs and your brand can do wonders.  Once you’re featured in the media, use your blog and social media platforms to magnify and amplify your press coverage.  By appearing in the media you and your brand become the news.  That type of ongoing PR buzz will help interest customers, buyers, investors, and boutiques.  It will separate you from the competition, grow your business and build your brand.

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“Katie Holmes: Topless ‘Allure’ Cover April 2013.” Photo.  Just Jared. 19 Mar 2013. 15 Apr 2013. <;

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