Film, Publishing, Music, Art & Marketing’s Brave New World

film_countdownFrom music to film, to publishing, to the world of fine art, the internet has forever changed the creative industry. This shift has been seismic and has turned what were thought of as set-in-stone business models on their collective heads.   Because the music world was the first to be rocked by the changing communication landscape, musicians were the first to learn how to take matters into their own hands and create successful careers utilizing PR, social media and various forms of guerilla marketing

The publishing world has also been turned upside down.  No longer do traditional publishing houses hold the keys to success.  Self-published authors are taking matters and marketing into their own hands.  Increasingly self-published authors are landing on the best sellers list and on Amazon’s top 20 list.  Amanda Hocking initially became a millionaire by self-publishing her work.  It was after she was established that she signed with St. Martin’s Press.

The film industry is seeing this same change.  For example as with self-published books, CreateSpace ( serves entrepreneurs in the music, publishing, and film worlds. As an independent producer you can upload your film as part of a digital DVD along with cover art and information on the film.  Your film is then posted for sale.  The company which is owned by, takes and fulfills the orders and splits the profits with the filmmaker.  That is just one option.  There are several outlets online that help producers sell their films.  There are also new channels of distribution.  Films are now reaching the public by being shown at churches, organizations, schools, museums, etc.  Theatrical distribution is no longer the only name of the game.

The same inevitable change is happening in the art world where the hold art galleries once had on the sale and distribution of art is loosening.  The business of art is now transforming, just as the business of music, publishing and film worlds have.  Utilizing social media as well as traditional media and public relations, artists are now able to bypass the galleries and take their work straight to the public and collectors.

These avenues are not easy.  They involve a commitment of time and (at least some) money.  They can also be daunting because for years musicians, filmmakers, authors and fine artists were reluctant to rock the boat and alienate the powers that be by charting a path of their own.  But they can pay off in a big way.  More and more artists are realizing that the old models have shifted bringing different challenges as well as opportunities.  The upside?  With tenacity and creativity, artists can now carve out successful careers on their own terms.

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