Exposed: 4 Marketing Myths – Plus 3 Social Media Myths

marketing mythsThe trouble with marketing myths is that sometimes they are true, depending on the specific situation, but generally those rules that we fell are set in stone and hard and fast; don’t serve us well at all.  Then there are those myths that are completely erroneous.  For example

Doing Any Marketing Is Better Than Doing Nothing -.Wrong!  That’s like the old PR adage that all publicity is good publicity.  That’s nuts.  There are myriad examples of media coverage that was disastrous for a company or celebrity.  And when it comes to marketing, doing nothing at all is much better than doing very bad marketing.  Action for action’s sake can be useless or detrimental.  You need your marketing to be thought out.  You want it to be planned with your goals and objectives in mind

Marketing Is Strategic –  Sometimes.  Yes, strategic marketing can be important, but most of the time you’re not looking for strategic marketing, you’re looking for tactical marketing that is focused on specific objectives.

You Market By Selling – Again, wrong!  You’re objective isn’t to sell but to allow your customers and clients to buy.  It sounds like the same thing, but it’s not.  You want to create awareness, an emotional response and have an effective call to action.

I Don’t Need To Pay For Marketing; I Can Do It On My Own – Well you certainly can try and you can try to do surgery on yourself and your family as well, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

And continuing with marketing myths I recently came across some online marketing myths by Dan Zarrella, author of 6 Deadly Marketing Myths Busted.  I found the following myths to be on the mark:

Don’t Market on the Weekends – Fact: articles tend to be shared on Facebook far more on weekends than on weekdays

Social Media Is For Conversations, Not Broadcasting - Fact: There is no significant correlation between the number of comments a blog post received and the amount of traffic that blog post generated. In other words, conversation doesn’t necessarily drive traffic.

Myth: Don’t Call Yourself A “Guru.” –  Fact:  Looks like moniker guru works and drives more traffic.

So, when it comes to PR and marketing don’t just go by what you’ve heard or read.  Remember just because people believe something doesn’t make it true.  Do your homework.  Devise a marketing strategy for your own unique business and personality. And, yes, you do need to market.  That is definitely not a myth.

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