Be– Do–Have: Life’s Success Formula

success formulaYou might have heard of the be – do – have cycle.   According to this theory, who you are (being) leads you to do (doing) which then leads you to have (having).

Makes sense, yet, we’re conditioned to believe the exact opposite.

The general formula for how life works goes:

You need to have (power, money, fame, etc.)

So you can do (something),

So you can then be (important, successful, loved, etc.)

It’s a confusing phenomenon.

That inverted formula has become the norm, the accepted theory of how life works – but is a difficult way to lead your life.

We’re taught that unless we have there’s not much we can do, and certainly nothing we can be.

According to that way of thinking, intrinsically we’re not worth much.

In fact that’s really not how life works at all.

be do formulaSo, you wonder what does this have to do with PR or marketing?

Basically the thinking process is the same.

Many people feel that they can’t market until they have reached a certain plateau (have).

They can comfortably market (do),

So they can become successful (be).

As with just about everything else in this article, that thinking is completely backwards.

If you have a good product, a valuable service or have created some amazing work, then the time to market is now.

You already are intrinsically valuable and completely unique (being)

You can now let the world know about you and your company, business, service, product (doing)

Which in turn will bring you sales, clients, customers, wealth, etc. (having)

Give the formula a shot.  You might be surprised.

Copyright © Anthony Mora 2013

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