Creating Your Brand Through Effective PR

brandingAccording to Wikipedia, a brand is the “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers

In essence a brand is a concept.  It’s an idea or an image that the public, over time, connects with a product or service.  The identifying factor could be the name, the colors, the look, the slogan, the logo, or the design, but the overriding power of a brand lies in the concept.  The brand is a shortcut that tells a company’s story.  The power lies in the narrative that a logo, name or slogan both denotes and connotes.  A brand is effective when it is readily recognizable, when it is identified with a company or product. But a brand not only has to be recognizable, it needs to provoke a certain type of feeling or reaction.  The role of each brand is somewhat unique, some focus on trust and reliability, others focus on a hip or cool factor, still others focus on elegance and luxury.

what-s-the-value-in-a-brand-name--86ec9f7591You need to understand your product or company and your market before you can create a successful brand.  Once that’s defined, you want to focus on their needs and wants, and on offering them solutions to their particular problems and issues.  A successful brand will connect with your prospects, motivate your clients, and develop a loyal base.  A brand connects emotionally.  If there is not an emotional component, your brand won’t effectively connect with your market.

Because developing and creating the right brand is so important for a company’s success, we’ll often work with clients on the development of the brand, concept, style and narrative before moving forward on the PR outreach.

There are myriad ways to market your brand and establish it in the market.  But, the most effective is to utilize PR and media relations to establish your brand through the media.  By being featured on TV or in print you and your company attain the legitimacy and validation that comes from being featured as a news story.  In essence you become the news.  You can then use that media coverage in all of your other marketing strategies.  When it comes to creating a powerful brand always keep in mind the power and importance of an effective public relations outreach.

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