Brendan O’Connell, Alec Baldwin & Others Bringing To Kids Everywhere

Brendan O'Connell Alex BaldwinBrendan O’Connell is a quintessential American painter whose star is on the rise.  He was profiled in the New Yorker’s anniversary issue and will soon be feature on the Colbert Report, but as passionate as Brendan is about creating art, he is equally passionate about bringing art to kids.  It was that passion that led him along with some like-minded partners, such as Alec Baldwin who is not only a supporter but on the board,  to create The vision is to democratize the creative experience by sharing it with kids everywhere.

The organization has gained the support of a number of individuals in the arts including Alec Baldwin, who is also a long time collector of Brendan’s work.

In April 2012, Brendan and his friend Breck Kling helped more than 8,000 elementary school kids fill a football field with their art.   The event was a huge success. In fact, they set the World Record for the largest number of pieces of art created on the same day – 8,416, to be exact.

He was inspired to bring this democratic art experience to millions of children nationwide. Based on this experience, Brendan believes is a movement that can, and needs, to be spread to every town, big and small, across the country and then around the world.

everyartistIn 2013, is launching the largest art event in history, engaging millions of elementary school children across the country.  Along with some like-minded partners, Brendan created the It is a child focused movement to support the expression of creativity innate in every child.’s purpose is simple . . . Spark Human Creativity is a movement that fosters creativity by nurturing and celebrating the artist in every child. They do this by engaging children to make art and provide tools for children, parents, and teachers to help sustain and fuel that creativity.

Imprinting on children the power of their creative sense and helping them to develop it is key to their future. And key to our future. 

They Need Your Support: Kickstarter Campaign: has launched a Kickstarter campaign. The purpose is to launch and facilitate this national collaborative art event. Included in this is building a downloadable kit that will make it easy for parents and teachers to register and become local event coordinators

How Can You Help?  Visit: Kickstarter Campaign

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