PR Tip of the Day: Let The Media Be Your Guide

Room with a wall of tv screens
Let The Media Be Your Guide:
 You don’t want to be completely reactive when launching a public relations campaign, but you do want to know what stories the media is covering and if there are any topics that you can address.  Study the media on a regular basis to see what stories they are covering.  If you can address any topics that are currently in the news, that gives you a great PR opportunity to present yourself as an expert.  In the cases of breaking media stories, you need to move quickly since the window of opportunity will be short lived, but this type of approach does offer you a way to position yourself as an expert.  For example if you are an attorney and a lawsuit is garnering media coverage, pitch yourself as an expert who can address and explain different aspects of the case.

This is also an opportunity to utilize social media and see which new stories are trending on the various social networks. Especially if you utilize social media analytics and you are engaged with your target market online. You can see what news is news that you want to be a part of. How can you weigh in? How can your company add value and understanding to the topics within your market’s culture. Brainstorm and consider all ideas.  Lots to think about. Get out there and get in the media!

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